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SaaS Tenant is a distributed SaaS Framework that eliminates both the technical and business challenges of building and delivering Software as a Service. SaaS (Software as a Service) Framework is packed with features like instant scalability, security, reliability, pay per use and other API’s. It provides Multi Tenant Architecture enabled to serve thousand of vendors. Leo Technosoft has developed its own SaaS framework called “SaaS Tenant™.” Leo TechnoSoft’s “SaaS Tenant™” reduces the development time by almost 30-40%.

SaaS Tenant™ by Leo Technosoft offers multiple advantages. As SaaS Tenant offers multi tenant environment allowing many stakeholders to share data from the same platform, Leo Technosoft has designed a robust and standardized architecture for the same. Besides, SaaS Tenant increases infrastructure utilization, offers limitless scalability and high-secured solution. Above all, the implementation cost of Saas Tenant is low as compared to others; and post that even the maintenance cost is minimal.

Leo Technosoft SaaS Tenant™ features zero-effort multi-tenancy, meaning IT facilitates a single illustration of your application to cater to multiple customers. It offers load distribution and high availability that augments your web capacity seamless without affecting the current data. It even allows entitlement definitions to users depending upon the usability pattern. Leo Technosoft offers application lifecycle management with upgrades and any changes that the software requires in its lifecycle. SaaS Tenant™ gives subscription based access and metered entitlements coupled with access control & authorization to the end user.

About Leo TechnoSoft

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