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Portals have been serving enterprises in a number of ways. One of the best Portals, Liferay is brimming with collaboration features that make it both robust and flexible. Leo TechnoSoft comes across as the most preferred Liferay Developer for it offers a brilliant platform that helps Enterprise build web applications in addition to the latest addition in the internet world, social applications.

Know more about social applications?
Social applications refer to those web applications that help enterprises to benefit by building a social image on the internet that includes data, features and services. The interesting aspect is that it is easy to build any kind of web application into social one, thereby enhancing the productivity. Liferay Portal Development makes use of several features that help implement and execute social applications in an easier and effective way. Leo TechnoSoft helps clients leverage their social identities by merging it with the formal identity. Most of the enterprises build a common system architecture, which makes access simple. The architecture is such designed that the accounts of all the applications are managed through a central system, making it easy to access and audit them.

Existence of Social identity with the formal identity
The liferay company has made it possible to develop web applications that leverage both formal as well as social identity of the applications. While the formal identity is formed of the organisation where the individuals work whereas the social identity comprise of friends, groups, relatives and communities to which the individuals belong. While the official network is almost the same, the friend network of every individual might differ in a number of ways. Social applications assume a wider scope than that of formal one. The scope of data of social applications is much broader or restricted, depending upon the preferences of the individual.

Difference between social applications and web applications
Regular websites differ a lot from the websites that are enhanced with social applications. Leo TechnoSoft has increased the scope and reach of websites by enabling them with social applications. The content of the regular websites is restricted and does not involve the interaction between the users. However, the social applications help users of a particular website to interact, enrich and enhance the content. Social applications bring users on the same platform allowing members to create content and share them with everyone on the platform. This results in expansion of the scope of the data allowing individuals to work on applications collectively.

Social Applications enables the Usage of existing features
Features already present on the social platform can be used to develop social applications. Professional Liferay Developer offers numerous features and applications that have collaborative capabilities, which can be merged with the web applications. Leo TechnoSoft helps companies to bring their different teams on the same platform through Liferay Portal Development. Just like social networking sites, Liferay is designed for employees and the company. Employees can very well know what their team mates are up to by keeping themselves updated about their activities and interactions. In addition, member belonging to different teams can view the updates of all the teams. Each team has the benefit of personal space along with the convenience of tracking each others’ work.

The core of Social Applications
Users are like the core of social applications by liferay company. Users in the Enterprise will utilise the applications on a day to day basis. With a variety of social application available for the users, right from utilities like weather forecast and many others to blog tools, etc. Every user has the benefit of varied pre-installed applications on the personal page. Users control the personal pages and can easily manage and edit the information by adding, removing applications. They can adjust the settings based on the preferences. Administrators have the right to change the settings available to the user too.

The social platform has been influencing the way organisations work. Leo TechnoSoft has made the social applications easier for the organisations by offering the best Liferay Portal Development.