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SaaS is not just a technology change-it’s also a business model change. Migrating .Net application to the Multi-Tenant Platform is a taxing deal. Some software companies elect to build a new SaaS solution from the ground up, which can incur considerable cost and time to get to market. At Leo TechnoSoft we understand our customers and the pains put in to develop an amazing .NET application. When you decide that you need to have a SaaS version, Leo TechnoSoft’s SaaS-Tenant is the complete solution for rapidly transforming your application into a multi-tenant solution. SaaS-Tenant allows you to transform your existing web-based application, dynamically adapting your database to work as part of a multi-tenant SaaS solution.

Our multi-tenant SaaS-Tenant framework is an attractive concept since it targets the SME segment of the market. By having the opportunity to share resources between customers, services can be offered to the customers at a lower overall price. In addition, maintenance becomes easier — and thus cheaper —as less different instances must be maintained.

Leo TechnoSoft’s SaaS-Tenant offers the following features:
• Zero-Effort Multi-Tenancy
• Tenant Activity Management
• Load Distribution and High Availability
• Tenant Lifecycle Management
• Subscription Based Access and Usage
• Usage metering
• Access Control & Authorization
• Billing System & Invoicing Management
• Log Management
• User & License Management
• Performance Monitoring
• Provisioning and Configuration
• End-User Self Service Portals
• Service Management and Configuration
• Contextual Logging
• Automated Support Desk
• BI Reports
• Custom Workflow
• Web Services

The key benefits that you get with adopting SaaS-Tenant are:
o In .NET, for .NET
o Get a multi-tenant version of your application quickly without tying up your developers for months
o Supports all the options from dB-per-tenant to shared everything
o On Premise, Private and Public Cloud
o Architecture designed for compliance
o Reduce Cost & time to build SaaS
o Application up to 60%
o Robust and Standardized Architecture
o to increase Agility
o Deliver Your SaaS Solution fast to market

Overall our SaaS framework, SaaS-Tenant enables easy transition to Multi Tenant SaaS Architecture from Single Tenant application or Web application providing freedom, flexibility and control of custom development without the complexities, risks, cost and time overheads of building and maintaining your own framework.

About SaaS-Tenant
SaaS-Tenant is a Server offering Multi-Tenant framework, SaaS Platform and set of extensible administration and management capabilities to empower developers for building, managing, monitoring and administering SaaS based Multi-Tenant applications effortlessly.

About Leo TechnoSoft

Leo TechnoSoft is Outsourced Software Product Development Company with innovation centers in LA, Chicago and India. The Company expertise covers BI, SaaS based applications, Cloud Computing, Migration, Integration, Cross Platform, Testing, Mobility, Big Data, Product Development, SharePoint, SaaS Tenant and IoT Integrations.

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