Leo TechnoSoft aids an Iranian ISV Company to come up with their 1st SaaS Product

Home Press Release Leo TechnoSoft aids an Iranian ISV Company to come up with their 1st SaaS Product

Technological ties of two of the most prominent developing nations of the world have crossed another altitude altogether! Leo TechnoSoft, a technology partner specializing in building, serving, managing and extending technology on Cloud and SaaS environment has become the 1st Indian company to help an Iranian ISV to become the 1st company in the nation to come up with a SaaS based technology.

Leo TechnoSoft over the years has been in the forefront building innovative SaaS solutions but this remains the first time when both these nations have united for technological progression. Leo TechnoSoft has built a Persian based CRM solution that’s innovative as well as pioneering concept in Iran. The product engineering experts have built the solution from scratch to develop a product of this magnitude. Our client being a startup company required immense guidance and the experts at Leo TechnoSoft have consulted, carried out market analysis and eventually moved into the radical BOMT model for building a SaaS product.

This SaaS based CRM solution is aimed to maximize the capabilities of customer relationship management and delivers capabilities well beyond those offered by traditional CRM systems. It’s an all in one comprehensive cloud CRM solution that’s developed in the latest PHP technology and hosted on cloud. The innovative SaaS based CRM is loaded with the following novel features:
• On Cloud
• Mobile access
• Stronger multichannel support
• Flexibility and customization
• Enabling the sales pipeline
• Order to cash modules
• Simplicity and ease of integration

This product aims to bring in many advantages through a broad portfolio of comprehensive, cost-effective, and easy-to-deploy solutions and services. That’s not all, the product being executed via the remarkable Build-Operate-Market-Transfer (BOMT) Model meant that all the minute nuances were met aptly. Leo TechnoSoft carried out the entire operations right from idea generation, designing, building and operating to eventually branding the product. Leo TechnoSoft’s Software-as-a-Service based CRM solution has taken a strong foothold, and definitely aspires to be the sole growth area in the CRM industry.

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