Leo TechnoSoft helps retailers to ensure vouchers reaching in right hands

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Carrying cash for shopping is passé. Some people do not carry cash due to the fear of losing it or getting robbed.Hence, they appreciate the silicone money in the form of mobile wallet where money is in a digital account can be used to make an online purchase. Mobile wallet is also helpful in redeeming coupons or gift vouchers which retailers give out in order to encourage customers to buy more.

However, the system of coupons and gift vouchers cannot benefit retailers and shoppers if coupons are redeemed unfairly via fraudulent activities. In order to prevent this unpleasant situation, there is a need to centralize voucher with the mobile wallet of the customer who has received the voucher as a gift and this should be on a real time location.

Centralizing the voucher with the mobile wallet of a customer has benefits for both retailers as well as customer.

  • Retailers can track the status of vouchers and corrupt employees at retail store cannot cheat customers by using vouchers themselves.
  • If a gift voucher is potential to misuse, the system that tracks the usage of gift vouchers, gives admin, the right to cancel that voucher. It also helps them to track the validity of the gift voucher and block it if it remains unused during validity period.
  • This system provides a means to streamline operations by integrating business processes into a single unit.
  • This system automates the process of tracking Gift Vouchers by the head office.
  • Voucher management system results in increased efficiency by reducing administration costs and improved performance.
  • All outstanding vouchers can be managed from the one place, making sales, redemption and   financial reporting simple.
  • Voucher Management System tracks the value of all outstanding vouchers and provides reports on sales and expiry dates.
  • All vouchers issued are saved in management centre, allowing the client to manage and control voucher sales easily from the one central system.
  • Voucher Management System runs sales reports, finds and re-issues vouchers, makes notes or validates & redeems vouchers without the nightmare of manual admin processes.

Like vouchers, Retail Coupon Management System also has the purpose to prevent the unscrupulous use of coupons. Leo TechnoSoft has developed system that can automate POS processes and stores operations. This system provides centralized control for multi-store retailers.

The coupon data pool guarantees to track & report coupon campaigns, saving manufacturers’ & retailers’ time, money and effort by eliminating complicated manual processes, inaccurate data, fraud and ongoing difficulties with clearing.

This advanced management system for retail operations developed by Leo TechnoSoft enables:

  • Serial Number Tracking
  • Commission Tracking
  • Reduction of complexity through a central pool
  • Better decision making through up to the minute information
  • Overall view of retail business at any minute in time
  • Complete online monitoring
  • End-to-end process management