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Today, eco-friendly corporate organizations are appreciated where paper-work is minimum. For eco-friendly environment, easy and systematic organization and subtle classification, the idea of digital documentation originated.

Document Management System is very helpful as well as necessary in pharmaceutical industry. Pharmaceutical companies are highly information sensitive with respect to how documents and records are managed, making efficient document reviews critical not only from regulatory standpoint but necessary for organizational efficiency as well.

Pharmaceutical industries are in a highly regulated environment and require document management processes. Apart from strict regulatory environment, the Pharmaceutical companies have to deal with increasing amount of information which must be processed at the right time.

We will discuss how digital document management system can help pharmaceutical companies in this regard, after explaining the concept of document management system.

What is document management system?

Digital document management is a computer-based system that scans and digitally stores, tracks, and indexes your electronic and paper documents. Digital document management keeps important documents and digital files at your fingertips.

Digital Document Management System includes activities like capturing and organizing. Regarding classification, Document Management System efficiently classifies all documents (digital or otherwise) in the form of faxes, computer files, collaborative work spaces, e-mails, photos, video and audio.

Digital Document Management Systems come in two categories namely client-server systems and vendor run applications.

How document management system helps pharmaceutical industry

In pharmaceuticals industry, documentation is an integral part of good manufacturing practices. It defines a system of information and control so that risks inherent in misinterpretation and/or error in oral communication are minimized. Any error can result in the production of wrong medicine or defective medicine. Documentation strengthens the quality, and its consistency, of all goods and services, as those responsible for the specific operations have clear, unambiguous instructions to follow including active drug substances, is legally mandatory.

Documentation ensures product quality and product safety. If an instruction or record is poorly documented, then the manufacture or Quality assurance/control of product can be negatively impacted, potentially reducing patient safety. Proper documentation provides information on when, where, who, why and how to complete tasks. It also provides evidence proving that the tasks have been completed as they should be.

Document Management System can encompass all electronic information such as emails, adverse event reports, complaints, batch records, quality control records etc. Having timely data and adequate security is important for any company and document management system helps pharmaceutical companies achieve that.

Document Management System ensures installation, calibration, validation, maintenance, cleaning for equipments used for manufacturing pharmaceutical medicines, along with managing proper storage of raw materials as well as finished goods. Using this system, procedure that is required for the approval of manufacturing of medicines or purchase of raw materials can also be speeded up.

With all documents in digital format, one can just open a document on computers and check the status of tasks, location of store-house for raw materials, quantity of finished products and more.

To increase efficiency of pharmaceutical companies, Digital Document Management System can be integrated with quality management systems, manufacturing systems, electronic batch manufacturing records and various other electronic documents that are generated in the manufacturing process.

Applications developed by Leo TechnoSoft that facilitate Digital Document Management promise enhanced storage performance, optimized multi-level caching capability, simplified document management, fast and easy data sharing, secured sharing of files, multiple device support and lastly, support for all types of files.

Leo TechnoSoft has offered Digital Document Management services to healthcare industry, pharmaceuticals industry and education industry.

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