SaaS Tenant: Building or Reusing Available SaaS Framework for Your Product

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An emerging software delivery model, ‘SaaSTenant™ 2.1’ (Software as a Service) allows developers to leverage their existing .NET assets and expertise to build true cloud optimized software as service offerings. Leo Technosoft’s Saas Tenant application offers cost-effective solutions, the benefits of which spread across the sectors, one of them being the maximum return on investments. This recent innovation by Leo Technosoft has proved to be a boon for Independent Software Developers (ISVs). It’s a multifaceted model which is easy to use and affordable at the same time. Through SaaS, Leo TechnoSoft’s clients have maximized their reach to global markets and niche users at minimal costs. Even marketers, healthcare organizations, ISVs have utilized SaaSTenant™ 2.1 for planning marketing campaigns, Documentation and knowledge sharing platforms, work flow automation software, inventory management and many more much required applications of various sizes or levels of complexity, together with evaluation, data integration & analysis, business intelligence and flexible deployment options.

However, running a profitable SaaS Tenant model has its own drawbacks. Harder development processes, unable to focus on customer satisfaction, maintaining operations or lack of preparation are few of the problems faced. The most common and difficult one is the development process. Writing new SaaS applications may be a tedious task as there are different approaches involved. In addition, scouting for the right talent every time can prove to be a challenge of sorts. In such a situation, building or reusing available SaaS framework is the exact thing to do. Leo Technosoft, the R&D Center for product development & IT services, makes available ready-to-use SaaS models for software developers. The expert in this field offers end-to-end framework for SaaS models.

Building or reusing available SaaS framework offers multiple advantages. Primarily, the cost of operation drastically reduces. The huge expenditure occurred on developing the model coupled with payments to the work force comes down. The second and the important advantage is the time-factor. The time spent on developing model, hunting for the talent, testing the viability is minimized. In addition, this paves way for the rapid delivery of software. The product team can now utilize the saved time concentrating on other important areas. The time-to-market quickens up and this again improves the cost effectiveness.

Time is an important factor for every business. Constructing a SaaS based application right from the scratch is a time consuming activity. When it is easy to re-use and build available SaaSTenant for your product, then building a new SaaS framework on every instance is simply a waste of time. Our team has gained expertise investing multiple years in understanding the SaaS framework and overcoming the challenges. We ensure that one can leverage technology benefits, experience, and skills through the available SaaSTenant™, thereby saving both time and cost”, said Satyen Jain, CEO of LeoTechnosoft.

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