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Any organization‘s biggest nightmare can be about its user application becoming compromised and hackers using the employee credentials to access them and steal the company data.

Cyber security related challenges faced by organizations:

Following are the most significant challenges regarding cyber security that every corporate organization faces:

  • 30% of employees leaving the organization usually do not have all access rights removed promptly
  • There is no transparency of access rights in any organization
  • Many times, ‘Least privilege’ principle is not implemented
  • Authentication of users for password resets is complex and insecure

Therefore, due to these challenges, Identity Management and Access Management are always needed for the applications and their user credentials in order to ensure the safety of company data.

What is Identity Management?

Identity Management (IDM) can be described as the management of individual principals, their authentication, authorization, and privileges within or across a computer system and enterprise boundaries. Its goal is to increase the security and productivity, along with decreasing the cost, downtime and repetitive tasks.

What is Access Management?

Access Management is defined as planning the conditional access to applications which would be different from one profile to another.

How are Identity Management and Access Management useful together?

Identity Management and Access Management are primarily used for the automation of the system meant for initiating, capturing, recording and managing the user identities and their related access permissions.

Identity Management and Access Management guarantee that access privileges have been granted according to one interpretation of policy. It also ensures the proper authentication, authorization and audition of all individuals and services.

Poor control on Management processes of Identity and Access can lead to regulatory non-compliance because if the organization is audited, it would not be possible for management to prove that company data is not at the risk of misuse.

The combination of Identity Management and Access Management is the ultimate solution for Simplified authentication, improvement in password control, consolidation of systems, Active Directory (AD) management, secure management of application access and more.

How the combination of Identity Management and Access Management works?

The solutions offered by the combination of Identity Management and Access Management automate the initiation, capturing, recording and management of user identities, along with related permissions regarding access.

The products offered by the combination Identity Management and Access Management must have a centralized directory service that scales as per the growth of company. Central directory prevents haphazard recording of credentials in files and sticky notes, given that remembering multiple passwords for different systems is difficult for employees.

The systems operating under the combination of Identity Management and Access Management can facilitate the process of user provisioning and account setup. This decreases the time required with a controlled workflow, ensuring lesser errors and the potential for abuse, and at the same time, enabling automated account fulfillment. An identity and access management system also provides administrators with the ability to instantly view and change access rights.

An access right / privilege system within the central directory manages access requests automatically, by automatically matching the employee job title with location and business unit ID. Bits of information compiled by the system are helpful, with regards to classifying access requests relevant to employees’ existing positions. Access Management functionality might automatically provision access to some rights and privileges, inherently in the position held by an employee while others may be added to user account upon request.

The system operating under the combination of Identity Management and Access Management sets workflows for managing access requests. Regarding approval requirements for each request, it offers the option of multiple stages of reviews. This mechanism facilitates the set up for different risk level-appropriate review processes for higher-level access. It also offers the same for the reviews of existing rights to prevent the misuse of privileges.

Benefits of Identity Management Access

The benefits of Identity Management and Access Management include speedy deployment, audit, reporting and compliance of cloud based applications. This combination also ensures Interoperability, reduced costs as well as complexity, and lastly, enhanced security.

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