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SaaS (Software as a Service) is definitely the future of Information Technology. A form of Cloud Computing, it is one of the models of software distribution wherein the vendor or alternatively a service provider (SaaS developer) hosts the applications while making them available to the customers through a network, in most cases, the internet. Also recognised as the on-demand type of software, SaaS is accessed by the users through the web browser. A cloud hosts both the software and the associated data centrally. Professional SaaS developers like Leo TechnoSoft Pvt. Ltd. offer this service to their clients via the internet. SaaS offers various advantages to the clients, some of which are as follows:

Well within the means of clients

Software as a Service facilitates Information Technology to organisations at affordable rates. It helps clients by offering accessibility to business functions at low costs, even lower than the price of licensed applications. The reason for this being that, SaaS users have to pay monthly fee to SaaS developers as opposed to based on usage. In comparison, traditional software can be used only through a license, which is highly expensive. At times, clients even have to pay support fees for updates.

Requirement of minimal hardware

SaaS applications are hosted remotely by the SaaS developer. With this, clients are not required investing in additional and extra hardware. SaaS applications are installed on more than one machines, known as horizontal scaling, supporting scalability. Leo TechnoSoft Pvt. Ltd is a professional SaaS developer enabling the entire accessibility with minimum hardware.

Less Maintenance Required
With SaaS by their side, organisations need not handle things like installation, setting up and the routine maintenance. The cost of installing SaaS is quite low and is well within the reach of start ups. Professional SaaS developers like Leo TechnoSoft Pvt. Ltd price the applications based on pre-defined usage parameters.

Easy Administration
SaaS developers ensure that administration and management becomes easy with SaaS. In addition, Leo TechnoSoft Pvt. Ltd even offers automatic updates as well as patch management for uninterrupted work flow. There are no compatibility concerns with SaaS, the reason being same software version used by all the clients. Business can reduce their IT costs by outsourcing their hardware support and software maintenance to SaaS providers.

With numerous advantages for the SaaS users, there are a few disadvantages too, which are limited though.

Issues of Security
Software as a Service stores all the data of the clients on a single cloud. Hence, the data can be easily accessed by others if not safeguarded. However, professional SaaS developers like Leo TechnoSoft Pvt. Ltd make sure that such problems do not arise.

Issues of Latency
Even this issue is based on storage of data on the cloud. As the data is stored on a cloud, quite far from the reaches of the end user, it might take additional transactional time in comparison to the traditional method. Hence, SaaS developer does not recommend the service to those clients who have such applications that demand quick response, say, in milliseconds.

Other issues associated with SaaS are dependency on the Internet; however most of the other business work flow is even dependent on the internet nowadays. Always choose professional and experienced SaaS developers like Leo Technosoft Pvt. Ltd. for your business.