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Introduction :

According to Metric Stream, complaint management is the process of how organizations handle, manage, respond to and report customer complaints. Systems are put into place to track and trend the data that is captured by complaint management processes.

The organizations are established on the objective of delivering the best service and product to the customer. However, because of some issues, miss understating of the need of the customer or the defect in manufacture the faulty service or product is delivered to the customer.

Working on the customer complains is also one of the ways of making them satisfied and maintaining the customer value. Customer complain model is designed with the approach of fast and effective way of resolving the complains.

Notable Features

1) Centralized location for organization to report complaints.

2) System where complaint will be sorted by Customer Assurance team.

3) System where Complaint will be investigated and will be resolved by handling team.

4) Reviewing resolved complaint by Product Sales Manager and system has ability to reject the request,so again handling team will work on resolving logged complaint.

5) Generating different reports based on different parameters like Month wise, customer wise, product wise  etc.

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