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Kaizen module is an idea posting system, where any Employee within the organization can able to submit the idea which can be about anything, and once the idea posted to it will follow some Approval process which user has ability to configure the same.

Improvement of the organization is not the responsibility of the some of the employees of the organization.  It involves every member of the organization irrespective of their hierarchy level.  Whenever any abnormality or any issue occurred in the organization, the individual has to suggest or grab the attention of the superior or responsible person to fix the issue.  Due to this model, the processes of the improvement get simplified and speed up.

Notable Features

1) Organizations Idea / Suggestion can be track at one location.

2) Requestor can have visibility at what level raised request is pending.

3) Reports can be pulled out on quarter / Monthly basis.

4) Requestor has ability to generate team or mentioning Approving authority for raised request.

5) Module has functionality that only mentioned approving authority has ability to approve raised request.

6) Supported on All browsers