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Memory is a fundamental process of being human since what we remember determines largely who we are. There is a big role of the past in the creation of the present. The shared moments and the impression of those shared moments are the building blocks of our personality. Individuals, whom we consider institutions, leave a lasting impact on our lives. At the subconscious level, we build a memorial of personal experiences, collective perceptions and inherent values where memories become timeless truths.

To immortalize the ever-elusive memories and inspire the generations, building a digital platform was an obvious choice. A collaborative platform was the need of time to build memorials of life-changing experiences, love and gratitude we owe. This was a great idea by a startup with the potential to make the world a better place. So when Leo Technosoft’s startup partner, presented the idea, the management instantly said yes to work together.

Immortalize is a platform with the beating heart that stands for love, care and gratitude. It’s a unique platform that allows timelining through profiles, pictures, videos and heartfelt content where people could reminisce old times and keep memories alive.

Leo TechnoSoft’s expert team crafted an action plan to build Immortalize. Commitment to the values of the idea we stand for was reflected in our proposition. Leo Technosoft with the BOMT model ensured its skin in the business. A highly skilled system architect designed a robust social architecture for a collaborative web platform that could easily deal with challenges like performance, load and inconsistent content creation. The UX team designed seamless process flows for simple and intuitive user experience. The technology team abiding by the standard development norms delivered a stable and reliable platform to reduce the total cost of ownership and maintenance.

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