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LTS SaaS Assessment tool is premeditated to help ISVs switch their traditional application to the revolutionary SaaS based environment. This ground-breaking assessment tool is a result of our deep expertise and our innate passion for novel technology. We have hands on experience of working with both Enterprise and Consumer SaaS that are being used by thousands of customers worldwide.

This assessment will ease out your skepticism to “SaaSify” your application. Based on your answer selections, our expert team will guide you whether your application is suitable in terms of maturity and feasibility for a move to SaaS platform . Please rate following questionnaire for various segments.

1= Strongly disagree,
2= Slightly disagree,
3= Neutral,
4= Slightly agree,
5= Strongly agree

1. Category Fit

1.1 Complexity of business process

1.2 Maturity of SaaS in category

1.3 Speed of change within this business process

1.4 Relevance of this application to business users

1.5 Degree to which this application is networked to customers and partners

2. Technical Fit

2.1 Sophistication of integration needs with other systems

2.2 Degree of customization needs

2.3 Security requirements of data being put into the SaaS solution

2.4 Requirements for performance and uptime

2.5 Strength of the technology capabilities of cloud platform in the category

3. Application Development Maturity

3.1 Ability for your internal developers to work in an iterative model

3.2 Ability to support distributed development

3.3 Technical knowledge of the SaaS tool

3.4 Knowledge of SaaS integration scenarios and tools exists

3.5 Third-party partners already in-house who can help

4. Governance Maturity

4.1 Clearly defined parameters around SaaS solutions ownership

4.2 Well-established support model for SaaS solutions

4.3 Well-established model for managing and prioritizing requests

4.4 User management methodologies and tools (for onboarding or single sign-on)

4.5 Formal IT governance tools for SaaS

5. Sourcing Maturity

5.1 Existence of a formal SaaS sourcing process or group

5.2 Defined SaaS contractual terms or templates

5.3 Clarity of user needs, usage patterns, and storage needs

5.4 Well-understood pricing model and cost goals

5.5 Vendor management capability for long-term vendor relationship

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