Clifix opts for LTS’s Multi Tenancy Framework – “SaaS-Tenant™”

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Taking the industry by storm Clifix has vouched for LTS’s “SaaS-Tenant™”, a brand that’s a leading name in cloud based multi tenancy framework to develop their pioneering practice management system. The innovative practice management system is touted to completely revolutionize the functioning of the healthcare sector. Bidding goodbye to the outdated methods, this ground-breaking technology is built on the “SaaS-Tenant™”architecture enabling speedy data mining and improved usability.

Built by the polished team of LTS’s “SaaS-Tenant™” team, this superb technology would enable congregation of vital patient data a plain sailing experience. The flexible nature of “SaaS-Tenant™” along with its superb features makes it convenient for any organization to manage and scale applications almost effortlessly. Clifix realizing this scalable nature of the framework picked on the connoisseur and powerful experts in SaaS, LTS. With enhanced simplicity of maintenance and lower overall application costs, this is alleged to be a smart development to manage business effectively.

Amidst the merger of two foremost brands, the solution for rapidly changing business requirements is just here. Apart from scheduling, billing, EMR and outcome management, this comprehensive system will resourcefully look into every facet of practice management. Its profitable framework would also lead to:
• Enhanced patient care
• Serve in a cost-effective manner
• Improve operational control and streamline operations
• Automate the process of collecting, collating and retrieving patient information
• Eliminate complexity

With flexible architecture for complete customization, this acute technology will dramatically improve a doctor’s clinical workflow and deliver real conceivable benefits. Set to reform the healthcare sector, it’s rightly accredited that under the aegis of LTS’s “SaaS-Tenant™” no undertaking remains beyond the bounds of possibility.

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