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More and more startups/ Entrepreneurs are getting together for this event to plug into two of the hottest catalysts for business growth; the proper guidance and scaling of the business.

The Startup/ Entrepreneur’s – Technology Business Accelerator networking meetup is the first in the series to help businesses from all sectors understand and connect with the transformative power of creative and digital thinking.

There will be contributions from LTS and its partners that have achieved business benefits using smart technologies and creative thinking to turn new ideas into successful products and services. The members in this meeting will provide on-hand support to intermediaries’ delegates, helping them find practical solutions to implement new ideas in their business.

Organized by LTS in partnership with its community members, the breakfast session will highlight business strategies and guidance for startups & entrepreneurs. Starting a business is not easy, but it is not difficult with the proper guidance. LTS will enable startups & entrepreneurs the ways to start or struggle to scale up their business through this meetup. We’ll help you understand the crucial steps to make your business successful through this networking meetup.

Come. Learn. Network. Grow.

Joining this Startup/ Entrepreneur’s Business Accelerator Meetup to meet a community of innovators shaping the future.

  1. If you are planning to start a startup business and have no idea what steps to be taken in order to make this startup business successful.
  2. If you have already executed a startup business idea and are in the MVP (Prototype) phase & want to know the best strategies (Product Positioning, Sales & Marketing) to make your startup business successful.
  3. If you already have a startup business & want to know how to stabilize further, get YoY growth, investments & Exit Strategies for your startup business.

Benefits of the Breakfast Meetup

This breakfast series focuses on the value of new ways of thinking to beat your competition and grow your company’s bottom line. It isn’t rocket science, as speakers will explain.

  1. To Be on Top of the latest technology & trends
  2. Consistency is the key to learning
  3. Accelerate your learning
  4. Building a strong professional network

Company Leaders and Investors will guide you. You will also have an excellent opportunity to have LIVE one-on-one meetings with mentors and investors-

Satyen Jain – Co-Founder, LTS

James Watson- Outsourced VP of Sales, Sales Catapult

Soheil Darvish – President – Living Places Inc.

Nidhi Dandriyal- Startup Expert, LTS

Kevin Steele – VP of Business Development at Green Couch Consulting

Helping people has its reward- a satisfaction that grows within, and the LTS team believes in it. Together with our partner community, we are leading the way startups & entrepreneurs can achieve to grow their businesses by benefitting from our experiences.

About LTS

LTS is an offshore IT services and software development company comprising experts from different domains. With more than 14 years of experience, LTS excels in Product Development, Mobility, Solution Engineering, IoT and Business Intelligence services. With a wide array of comprehensive suites, customized for businesses across domains, LTS takes pride in successfully launching startups and supporting entrepreneurs through the LTS Accelerator model helping the idea grow at all stages of the journey.

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