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Cyber Security Gamification

On April 5th, LTS will bring together all its partners for breakfast at CXO Meetup, filled with tech talks, cybersecurity, snacks, coffee, and more. The idea of this business meeting is “Driving Digital Transformation Journey with Cyber Security & Gamification” in Chicago.

At LTS, we understand the importance of cybersecurity and are a part of the cyber security community. It is a great pleasure getting connected with our security community partners through local meetups. Therefore, inviting only exclusive in-person CXOs meetup with LIVE streaming across country and industry conversing on driving digital transformation with cyber security.

LTS – CXO Meetup Agenda

With the acceleration of digital transformation and gamification, 69% of global leaders noted a significant increase in cyberattacks at their organizations in 2021. LTS took the initiative and its partners to ensure that everyone has the resources they need to be safe and more secure online.

Digital transformation enables organizations of any size to leapfrog development through increased productivity and improved service delivery across partners. Although digitalization has become essential to the function of organizations, a breakfast meet approach can help build trust, improve awareness, and deliver technical solutions to our partners.

Digital technologies and gamification play a vital role in keeping people, businesses, and public services connected. As organizations are scaling up their investments into digital technologies, cybersecurity has become a vital concern to ensure a safer and more secure digital transformation for all. 40% of global organizations use gamification as their primary mechanism to transform business operations.

In contrast, cyberattacks are becoming more complex and sophisticated these days; therefore, an effective meetup is essential, focusing on the threat landscape and the challenges of accessing cybersecurity maturity with the LTS roadmap. Malicious code, whether it is a software bug, a virus, malware, ransomware, botnet, or phishing, is becoming a risk for organizations potentially dependent on digital societies. Addressing these risks requires collective action; driving digital transformation through cybersecurity and gamification is a crucial pillar of this breakfast meetup in Chicago.

Benefits Of The Meeting

  • Cybersecurity meetup ensures protective measures, especially for critical infrastructure facilities, against internal and external cyberattacks.
  • CXO Meetup is intended to strengthen cybersecurity to stop potential hazards and security risks that are constantly changing.
  • The meetup will enable partners with many new opportunities related to cybersecurity requirements.
  • To enable companies to make the most out of digitalization, LTS supports the discrete and processes organizations’ efforts to become faster, more flexible, and more efficient.

LTS Breakfast Meet- The Wave of Zero Trust

LTS prioritizes incorporating cybersecurity as its best practice in building a technology-forward, protected organization. As a result, our cybersecurity community is leveraging Zero trust- a set of architectural guidelines based on the fundamental principle of “never trust, always verify” to bridge the gap between businesses, IT and cyber domains, reducing operational complexity simplifying ecosystem integration.

Together with our partner community, we are leading the way in organizational change to enable digital transformation by building security infrastructures to handle the speed of these transformations.

About LTS:

LTS is an offshore IT services and software development company comprising experts from different domains. With more than 14 years of experience, LTS excels in Product Development, Mobility, Solution Engineering, IoT and Business Intelligence services. With a wide array of comprehensive suites, customized for businesses across domains, LTS takes pride in successfully launching startups and supporting entrepreneurs through the LTS Accelerator model helping the idea grow at all stages of the journey.

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