Understand why Angular JS is a comprehensive solution to speed up the front end development

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It is a tough decision, which web development programming language to choose?

If you desired to own a website for your business if expect it to be interactive, engaging and attractive. JavaScript the client-side programing language is always worked on the front end of the website to make it easier and accessible. Among the various JavaScript framework, AngularJS is the best. The AngularJS development company chooses this web development programing language as the best practice.
AngularJS is the JavaScript open-source framework that is maintained by Google. It is basically used to simplify the challenges faced by the developers and come up with auto testing tools. The speciality of the framework is to provide the client-side single-page application with the CRUD (create, read, update, delete) functionality. The major objective of the AngularJS framework is to ease any kind of development process.

Angular JS provides the following comprehensive web development features that why your website should be built in Angular JS –

1. Two-way data-binding

AngularJS framework simplifies the data binding process by providing automatic synchronization between the model and view component. This lets the AngularJS development company build the web application more easily and effectively. As the changes in the view are instantly reflected in the model and vice versa. This is the most efficient feature AngularJS represents.

2. MVC structure

AngularJS framework is based on the MVC (Model-View-Control) software design pattern which separates application logic from the user interface. This is how the MVC structure saves the developer’s time.

3. Directives templates

Most of the JavaScript framework has inbuilt directives, but in AngularJs is an exceptional framework. It is a function that is executed when the Angular compiler finds it in the DOM. It uses the DOM (Document Object Model) as a programming API for HTML and XML documents. DOM control the documents and mainly defines their logical structure. Whenever developers find the inbuilt directive non-profitable and ineffective, can build custom HTML directives.
Angular JS templates contain specific elements and attributes. These templates are written in HTML.

4. Dependency injections

In AngularJs a dependency injection is used as the resolver of the dependency by implementing the inversion control. It is one of the software design patterns. The components like value, factory, service, provider, and constant can be injected with each other as a dependency.

5. Filters

Filters are the responsive design to search the data, which is used to invoke the stored data. Angular JS directory has various inbuilt filters such as Number, Currency, Order by, Date, Limit To, Lowercase, Uppercase etc. if you want to have your own filters you can customise them just by registering the new filter factory.

6. Testing features

Angular JS facilities easy and flexible end to end unit testing. The testing could be performed at any stage of the development. This is the best advantage provided by this web development programming language.


Angular JS provides a profound and comprehensive solution to speed up the front end development processes as well as contains the testing features. It does not require any extra plugins or frameworks. Because of these wonderful features Angular JS development company choose this language for web development.

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