Harness the power of the e-Commerce with extend ERP system, A solution custom made for distribution and publishing companies

Home Press Release Harness the power of the e-Commerce with extend ERP system, A solution custom made for distribution and publishing companies

LTS product engineering department has developed yet another innovative solution for the Publishing and Distribution companies. In a scenario where many Publishers and Distributors are struggling to virtually manage their business, particularly manage their B2B E-commerce process; LTS partners with OpenERP. That integrates and monitors the B2B Inventory and Order management process for Distribution and Publishing industry. Integrated with Shopping cart the B2B Portal lets you give customers 24/7 secure access to your ERP system, allowing them to look up to your products and services with their pricing, place orders, approve estimates and pay invoices.

If you own a cart already or thinking of deploying one, you’ll know the energy required to get and keep an online store running. We’ve cut the effort of integrating and synchronizing your cart records (Orders, Customer, Stock) with our generic ‘Cart Connect’ plug-in through which you can integrate almost any shopping cart that you are already using.

The Feature Includes:

1. Inventory Management
2. Assign unique pricing for individual or groups of customers
3. Order tracking
4. Reports/ Interactive Graphs and charts
5. Generate figures depicting the project sales for future 24 months.
6. Forecast procurement needs for the same duration based on the Sales Forecast figures.
7. Forecast purchases to be made over the course of next 24 months
8. Indicate the amount of revenue that can be generated from the products that client plans to purchase and subsequently sell to the customers.
9. Priorities, split, partially fulfill, print, pick, pack, ship, track and report sales orders in real time.

1. Customer Login
2. Ability to view items and availability
3. Customer specific prices lists
4. Ability for the customer to place and track the status of their Orders.
5. Ability to view and pay Invoices

• No need to select and integrate a shopping cart
• Significant reduction in administration and costs
• A better customer experience
• More frequent sales
• Less possibility of Error

We at LTS understand – when B2B e-Commerce to ERP system integration is designed, it has to fit the goals of the particular industry for which it is being designed. Our Open ERP with E-Commerce is designed by Domain Experts with decades of experience working with the Distribution and Publishing Industry. This system addresses your needs precisely and that your business benefits to the maximum possible.