LTS Launches One of the Biggest Online Gift Card Distribution Platform Picomo Pay

Home Press Release LTS Launches One of the Biggest Online Gift Card Distribution Platform Picomo Pay

LTS makes it easy to Pay, Gift and Donate. The hybrid Software Product Development Company launches one of the biggest Gift card distribution platforms ‘Picomo Pay’. PicomoPay enables e-Commerce and allows traditional merchants, charities, universities and other organizations to participate in the social media economy. It accomplishes this by offering virtual gift cards on social networking sites available on the Internet and selected mobile devices.

Delighted at this electrifying launch, Satyen Jain, Managing Director LTS, divulges the details, “In order to use this service, one simply has to create an account with PicomoPay, in facebook and then start purchasing and sending friends and family virtual gift cards on special occasions such as birthdays and Christmas. Your friends and family can then start using these cards immediately to purchase stuff online or at the store.”

Picomo Pay is seriously a revolution that makes gift receiving and giving as easy as a cakewalk. LTS has made business-growth easier, working in tandem with few of the world’s largest Design and marketing companies.

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