Remembering Bryan Andrews, a Void that Cannot be Filled

Home Press Release Remembering Bryan Andrews, a Void that Cannot be Filled

Some people make a unique place for themselves that cannot be filled in any circumstances.
We are talking about Bryan Andrews, whose demise last week has left us with a huge void. He came across as a gem of a person, one who knew what life is made of. As an individual, he touched the lives of many a persons with his optimistic nature and his zest for life. No person who met him, even if it is just once can deny the fact that he was a wonderful human being.

“As a colleague, Bryan Andrews was just excellent. His style of working was infectious. He believed in completing the work in a way that in spite of being ordinary seemed far too astonishing. He infused a clause of happiness in every deal he inked. Bryan Andrews was a perfect example of confidence. It was never too late to begin an assignment with him. He introduced a sense of hope that made us look forward to its completion,” says Satyen Jain, CEO of LTS.

Bryan Andrews is a great loss to the industry. Having worked closely with him as a technical lead while managing his Indian development center, I am missing his enthusiasm for work. He was a constant source of inspiration and motivation for us. In the year 2006, I joined the Trend Core & App Theory services group. I used to bombard him with questions every time I saw him online and he seemed to approach every interaction with good spirits, warmth, and kindness. Never a day existed, when he seemed tired of explaining the same thing repeatedly. He made sure that he was clearly understood. Such was his dedication that he always made himself available for chat even at the odd hours of night. Making us comfortable and a part of AppTheory core group came naturally to him. His innovative ideas, problem solving abilities and his valuable suggestions not only helped us to increase our productivity, but also the ability to think out of the box and passionate execution of ideas. He will always stay in our memories as the best mentor and guide we could ever get,” remembers Rajesh Vankayala, Tech Lead LTS.

LTS is proud to have worked for Trend Core & App Theory services group in association with Late Bryan Andrews. Every assignment took technology a step ahead and signaled the growth of knowledge.