10 New Year’s Resolutions Your Company Should Make in 2014

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Looking back at 2013, we can certainly gain insights into a better New Year. We know that customer services prevailed in start-up businesses. Technologies like social media, mobile, cloud computing and analytics pushed the innovation envelope.

LTS has the privilege of working with some of the most innovative and largest customers across the globe, which gives us great insight into industry trends and company needs. Based on our experience, we are proud to recapitulate the top ten customer service resolutions for any customer-centric company. As enterprises plan for 2014, these resolutions would provide valuable information about customer behavior, best practices, technologies and innovations, and business trends.

• Invest and innovate: Customer-centric companies need to reinvent and modernize their customer service infrastructure to cope with the rigorous demands of the socially savvy, mobile and digital consumer. If your budgets don’t allow you to do so, see the next resolution.

• Move to the cloud: Cloud computing is a viable and cost-effective option to deploy customer service applications. More and more companies are moving to the cloud and are already reaping in tremendous benefits from it. In 2014, many more companies are expected to jump on the cloud bandwagon and if you still haven’t moved to the cloud, it’s time you do it.

• Connect with your employees: For customer service enterprises, employees are brand ambassadors and they often account for almost 60-70 percent of their expense. Engaged and motivated employees eventually translate into superior experiences for the client. Companies like yours can reduce their employee investments through Workforce Optimization initiatives, coaching, training, processes and related technologies.

• Unleash the power of your data: All companies are flooded in data, spanning from ecommerce, transactional data saved in billing and CRM systems to unstructured data found in videos and social media. In 2014, many more companies are expected to expand their big data models to tap into this disparate data and information and unleash business value about their clients.

• Focus on social networking: Due to the rapid and massive explosion of social media across the globe, it’s imperative for customer service companies to focus on marketing via social networking. In the upcoming year, you must merge your social and contact activities on the social media platform to have a bigger impact in the market.

• Develop a useful mobile app: The explosive growth of smart phones and tablets has led to proliferation of mobile applications, numbering in millions. To make a mark in the market, you need to develop a useful and powerful mobile app with greater capabilities, which links the application to live service including context, session and history.

• Pay attention to your customers’ needs: Customer service enterprises must listen intently to the customers’ needs through closed-loop voice of the customer (VOC) initiatives. This would aid to gain a lot better understanding of customer requirements and perceptions. Besides, speech analytics has now become a cost-effective and mainstream solution to discern process improvements, agent gaps and trends.

• Follow best practices: Most companies are aware that they can improve themselves but still struggle to execute actionable plans. It’s important to realize that the keys to success are analytics, benchmarking and continuous improvement. Thus, executives must demand more from their Customer Service companies and they should in turn proactively drive changes that improve their service levels rather than being a static enterprise.

• Streamline your customer service process: It’s necessary to streamline customer service process as the back office has a direct impact on the customer’s experience. A simple demo application filled by the customer in the contact center can get mired in the back office, which can disrupt the entire customer service process. So, you must streamline your CRM / front office and BPM /back office systems into one seamless chain, which adheres to a common set of business objectives, service levels and customer satisfaction targets.

• Quit what’s not working for you and move on: Not every product is a super seller, nor all sales methods work for everyone. If a product or a business relationship or a technique isn’t working for Customer Service companies, they must quit using it. It’s wasteful to invest money and energy into something that is unworkable. Companies must move on and start something new, which would yield better results.

If your company applies these New Year’s resolutions throughout the year, your success is guaranteed!

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