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While this is a well-known fact that Pharmaceutical Companies are required to work in a global environment, there are number of challenges that they face in a daily routine – be it competition on an international level, profitability, revenue growth, etc. However, the most challenging is the management of sales force. Confirming to industry standards, the companies are required to manage a vast sales force, which is not an easy task. Adding to this, the need is to optimize the resources allocated to the sales force leading to growth in revenues. Given this scenario, the call of the day is to search for a practical approach to this challenge.

Seeing the rate at which new pharmaceutical companies are erupting and even growing, the present companies need to build a strong interface to stay intact in the environment of competition. In this turmoil, only the companies with good investment and a focus on future sail through easily. To support the companies, LTS has designed one of a kind Sales Force Automation for a leading Pharmaceutical Company. LTS has successfully integrated Customer Relationship Management (CRM) with Sales Force Automation (SFA) to offer a complete tailor made solution for its client.

Sales Force Automation is a technique of using software to automate the business tasks of sales, including order processing, contact management, information sharing, inventory monitoring and control, order tracking, customer management, sales forecast analysis and employee performance evaluation. A common mistake is to use SFA interchangeably with CRM; however, CRM does not necessarily imply automation of sales tasks.

Sales Force Automation developed by LTS:
– Share sales data across individuals and teams
– Focus attention on the most profitable deals
– Bring new sales representatives up to speed
– Present effective presentations and proposals to customers
– Monitor quota progress and business performance

Sales Force Automation offers hosts of benefits, which makes it necessary to implement it effectively.
– Empowers salespeople to track the entire sales cycle, manage contacts, and focus on the best deals
– Encourages rapid user-acceptance and high utilization rates through an easy-to-use and personalized user interface
– Uses the Net as the delivery channel for the information, drastically cutting costs
– Front-end customization, data analysis and reporting possible anytime, anywhere using powerful administration software
– Customizes quickly and easily to reflect the unique requirements of your business and sales process
– Integrate with your existing systems using our data migration services
– Web-based CRM or HR functionalities for those who need Internal communication tools
– Add-ons such as invoice generation, Request For Quotation
– Short implementation time

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