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As per the Google’s report, due to the bad online experience around 40 % of the website users are moved to the competitor’s website. If your website has a poorly designed UI and UX, the people will less trust you, irrespective of good service you provide or how good your product is. The good front end design will definitely attract the new customer and can increase their engagement on the website.

Being a startup, the main objective is to create attractive and user friendly user interface with section of the appropriate web application development platform. Here, the angular JS application development company is way ahead to resolve the inefficiencies and improve business processes with the effective front end development.

Let’s say if your startup is the mobile application like ofo- the bike-sharing startup, then you have observed how they are handling the entire customer transaction through the mobile app.  The user interface is capable of finding the availability of bikes, unlocking and using them, complete the payment process through the app itself.  This is how the mobile application or web application as well as the presence on the mobile domain enhanced the customer satisfaction and boosted the revenue generation.

After dealing with the confusing front end user, consumer moved to the other website which badly affected the customer engagement. The time when it comes to the selection of the technology for your first ever web application, then Angular JS has to be your first preference. As its dynamic framework structure with magnificent architecture of MVC brings live and discipline to the web application platform. For the web application development, AngularJS is the most beneficial and trendy frontend development language.

AngularJS is the next generation framework, as each designed tool is having compatibility with the other tools. Here following are the major reasons why the angularJS web application development should be used.

Scalability  :

Scalability is the attribute developers are looking or for, which drives many of them towards choosing the angular JS for the front-end development. This framework powers cross-platform for the easy development. For the startup, it’s always advisable to look for the technology which is more adaptable to serve the changing needs and demand of the organization. Not only the startups are adopting angular JS application development but also the successful organization like YouTube for PS3, Upwork, PayPal etc.

Responsive :

People are too lazy to wait and learn. The amount of time in which the application is responding will determine the foundation and overall performance of the startup. The advantage of using the angular JS for application development is the speed of development, as it simplifies the writing of code and its deployment. Along with that, it provides compatibility with the backend, which enhances performance and time of response of the UI.  For the newbie, the startup is a huge relief as it helps in boosting the branding.

Easy to create, easy to deploy  :

As we are talking about the startup, most of the entrepreneurs are struggling with the selection of the technology and its deployment. Some of the technologies might take time to learn and build the platform. If your startup is seeking for the web application then angular JS framework is the one. With angular JS, the learning and managing the application is way manageable.

The solution to the problem starts with the adaption of the various digital platforms with the selection of the most appropriate technology. Digital transformation is the continuous process, and it impacts the approach of engaging with the customers. The entrepreneur has to deal with the customer satisfaction as well as maintaining the functionalities and services, the startup is providing.

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