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SaaS, i.e., Software as a Service is the most popular delivery model existing in the market today for a wide variety of business applications. Being the most renowned division of cloud computing, its popularity is increasing in leaps and bounds with more and more businesses going for SaaS solutions. In SaaS, business applications of various kinds are hosted as well as managed in a service provider’s datacenter and are employed by subscribing to it on an yearly or quarterly payment basis. It is accessible over an internet connection via any browser.

Traditionally, business companies were expected to purchase, build, manage and maintain their own IT infrastructures regardless of the staggeringly huge costs. But now SaaS provides an alternative to the companies. They can now plug in and simply subscribe to software services constructed on shared infrastructure through the internet.

The SaaS model has boomed in the past few years because of the numerous benefits it offers to the businesses of all types and sizes.

Following are the potential benefits of adopting SaaS solutions:-
High Adoption Rate & Accessibility
Anyone can access the SaaS applications from anywhere from any device, be it a desk computer, laptop, smartphone or a tablet. SaaS applications incline to have high adoption rates along with a lower learning curve, because most of the people are quite familiar with accessing the internet to search and find what they want.

Cost Savings
Companies with SaaS solutions incur lower initial costs because SaaS applications are provided on subscription basis, which means no license fees is required. Moreover, the incurred operational costs are also very low relative to the excruciatingly heavy expenditure of installing, maintaining and upgrading an on-premise IT infrastructure especially for short-to-medium term. It is so, because the SaaS provider manages the entire IT infrastructure meaning lesser IT costs for software, hardware and the personnel.

Companies with SaaS solutions have their IT infrastructure and data, residing in the cloud, which is managed from service provider’s datacenter. In case, any sort of disaster strikes the company premises, the company can effortlessly get their back up and start running again relatively easily from any location via internet-connected computers.

Whenever the company’s business grows and its user strength increases, they can simply adjust their monthly SaaS subscription as per requirement instead of investing in additional software licenses and in-house server capacity.

Painless Upgrades
Company’s cloud service provider manages all hardware and software upgrades, so there’s no need for customers to install or download any sort of patches. In addition, the SaaS provider manages the availability, which relieves customers from adding bandwidth, software or hardware as and when there is a growth in user base. This facility removes a substantial workload from the company’s in-house IT department and they can freely work on integrating the cloud applications with the existing on-premise applications.

Seamless Integration
Multitenant SaaS providers can easily scale indefinitely to meet their customer’s needs and they even offer customization capacities to tend to specific requirements. In addition, they also provide APIs that lets customers integrate with already existing systems.

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