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The world is getting competitive with every passing day. The customers, nowadays, are spoilt for choice and only the smart companies can survive in such an environment. In order to survive and succeed, it is imperative for companies and even individuals to make use of latest technology and resources. Earlier, medical sector was a niche one and did not face much competition. However, times have changed. Medical facilities are burgeoning in nook and corners of the city, making it difficult for them to survive, especially for the dentists. Experts in the industry recommend the use of advanced technology, which helps the dentists in several ways. With the support of technology, it is possible for dentists to enhance the clinical performance while keeping a focus on safety of the patients as well.

Importance of Business Intelligence
In this modern competitive environment, the role of Business Intelligence (BI) cannot be ignored. Business Intelligence refers to the process of data analysis in addition to the acumen of relating the results arrived through data analysis to routine decisions in business. Dentists can improve clinical performance easily nowadays with the help of Business Intelligence tools. With the introduction of new technology like Business Intelligence, it has become easy to enhance the day to day performance of the dental clinics. Business Intelligence has become so essential for the dentists, as they are required to face new challenges when it comes to managing the quality of the huge amount of data generated everyday in addition to its distribution. A single mistake in patient records can create havoc. Maintaining accurate and precise patient records have become a difficult task. The role of business intelligence company has increased in the past few years. They help the dentists understand the importance of enhanced security as well as administration of the data. Data security helps dentists to shape the security models, assisting them in analysis. With complete data in hand, dentists can easily go through the information of the patients. The BI tools offer complete analysis of the performance of the clinic.

Lowered Costs of Dental Care with Business Intelligence
Dentists around the world are approaching business intelligence consultants with enthusiasm and eagerness. The demand to achieve competitive advantage for implementing technology solutions using Business Intelligence tools is rising. Dentists have been improving the system of patient care by offering them better facilities and taking better decisions during the proceeding treatment. The reasons for giving enhanced importance to BI are many. One of which is the improved decision making by the dentists. This is because when the understanding of the dentists regarding clinical data is informed, complete and sound, their decisions are based on evidence. With rising healthcare costs, dentists are keeping a check on all the costs involved in the operational processes. The pressure regarding satisfaction of the patients, quality of the treatment and the care, financial health of the clinic, etc. on them is relentless. With BI application, they are able to improve clinical performance and ultimately lower the cost of dental care. Business Intelligence implementation directly improves the safety of the patients and quality of the treatment by offering reports and analysis on a regular basis, which helps the dentists during the operations.

Various advantages to the dentists
With business intelligence reporting, dentists can easily mine the date of the patients to check the clinical patterns in addition to treatment protocols. They can track the expenses occurred on the supplies as well as the procedures. Business Intelligence helps them generate clinical reporting and even analyse the prospective contracts and negotiate them with the payers. BI allows dentists to have a complete idea of all the events that are taking place in their clinics or hospitals. The performance of the entire hospital/s can be monitored to check the status of the revenues. BI Reporting tools even helps the dentists to avoid repetitive errors, know the needs of patients in advance while ensuring that the data is recorded and utilised properly.

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