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Times Change and the best thing is to change with changing times. The newest change is the introduction of BOMT Model (Build – Operate – Market – Transfer) Model by LTS that replaced the age old BOT (Build – Operate – Transfer) Model. Product engineering industries concentrating on offshoring and outsourcing have found the model apt and beneficial. BOT, of course, had limitations and customers use to manage them. However, the latest BOMT Model overcomes the limitations by promising profits to start-ups, enterprises as well as ISVs.

LTS helps develop the appropriate infrastructure with the first phase of the model, ‘Build’. With it, clients get a comprehensive solution in addition to new brand identity at affordable rates. We offer several facilities for supporting pre-sales that helps our clients in generating leads. With us, clients can ensure strong foundation for any project. Building brands is much easier with BOMT Model at much lesser rates in comparison to conventional offshoring arrangement. Right from setting up the team with right skills needed for a product to product development with scalable architecture, is offered in addition to extension to Mobile. LTS takes care of everything, beginning from studying the objectives of the business, then the process, planning and eventually product development. With LTS as your offshore partner, planning new venture becomes easy as we do everything on your behalf that helps build your product from the scratch.

BOMT Model is such designed by LTS that it offers advantages to clients across the world, finally leading to Global Development. Packed with several advantages, the model helps in expansion of technology, ideas as well as innovation. Well within the budget, the model even lowers down the risk as it shared by LTS Flexible and quick; the model establishes a lasting presence in the US market that ultimately results in global development. The second phase, ‘Operate’, of the BOMT Model offers operational management and technical support. Experts at LTS meet the objectives agreed upon while administering the operations.

The third phase, ‘Market’, is offered only by LTS. This is the distinguishing service wherein our professionals help expand the organization and then transfer it in the best manner. The unique service offered includes setting up model in cost-to-cost manner. The best thing about LTS is its involvement in expanding the company. The earlier BOT model required offshore vendors to establish everything and then transfer the ownership, the marketing aspect was not included. However, with LTS’s BOMT Model, helps expand the presence of the client in the industry. The client is relived of handling the operations and marketing itself, the tasks that are executed by experts at LTS. Clients are represented in several types of promotional activities that help them expand their market. In the final and the fourth phase, ‘Transfer’, the ownership is transferred to the client. Here LTS acts as investors while helping the clients achieve their objectives.

Changing trends in the global marketplace have persuaded companies to depend on offshore outsourcing. Offshore providers have an edge over internal departments due to their local knowledge and expansive network. With such partnership, the companies can concentrate on other important matters as they no longer need establishing a local set up. The offshore partner manages the operations and transfers the ownership as and when the company is prepared. This way, company covers a much larger global area than it was earlier.

About BOMT

BOMT(Build, Operate, Market, and Transform) model, It is an innovative hybrid partner product development that offers a low-risk, hassle-free, cost-effective global sourcing strategy. BOMT works exceptionally well with StartUps, Entrepreneurs and ISVs. It ensures incubation, development, Gestation and transformation support to increase revenue and maximize ROI in short span of time.

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