Build micro-social network for social lead, branding, message broadcasting, customer relationship management and product promotion

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Today, it seems that if your company is not using social media, you’re at risk of falling woefully behind the competition and missing out on significant opportunities to engage thousands (if not hundreds of thousands) of consumers who are just waiting to hear what you have to say. Social-network tools are appealing, and certainly addictive to some of your consumers. Keeping in mind, the growing popularity of these sites and the effect it has and the benefits that it brings along, it can be easily predicted that its popularity is sure to grow much more.

However the problems that are commonly faced by companies or marketers, who are trying to leverage the social networking platform to market their products/services, are:

1. The targeting is low because people in those sites are diverse. Because of that, the ROI is also low.
2. Most people don’t bother about the advertisements on social networking sites because they are often after the people they could meet on those sites.
3. Because of the spam advertisements on the social networking sites, the advertisements are given few notices by real customers.

The best solution for the above mentioned problem is your own Micro Social Networking platform. Create a small yet targeted community; engage them with an informative, useful and innovative social networking application. As a thumb rule a marketer should always remember, that, 20% of your customers buys 80% of your products/services. Use a Micro Social Networking site to draw a circle around the 20%, connect to them with personalized communication, and give them a platform to interact and share their experiences, talk about their needs and expectations. It’s a very narrow niche, but it will surely help you to minimize expenditure and maximize ROI.

There is so much benefit of a micro social networking application and a Micro Networking platform on Mobile is evidently, a cherry on the cake. The world is moving on a fast pace. We cannot even afford to blink your eyes. The first one to score on the list of speed is, none other than, technology. From a prediction of just five computers to desktops, notebooks and the latest being smart phones such as iPhone and iPad. The applications introduced through these latest inventions have revolutionized the way we work. Most important feature of these smart-phones is their presence. Businesses can connect to their allies, be it customers, stakeholders, agencies, just with a click anytime and anywhere. One can display the products, services, their USPs, new arrivals, easily on a Personal Micro Social Networking site, in a matter of few seconds. A new venture can easily create a small application for itself with the right offer along with the right use of this technology.

According to Mr. Satyen Jain, Founder & CEO of LTS, an emerging Mobile Application development company, the mobile application industry has climbed the bandwagon along with the rising fan following of iPhone and iPads. He further adds that the year 2010 saw a major upheaval in the industry and expects that the popularity will only go northwards in the coming years.

It was not a surprise when research giant IDC predicted that smart-phones and tablets are expected to outsell computers in the next eighteen months. It is still believed that mobile is an under – exploited market. Just imagine the power of a Micro Social Networking site compatible with mobile, when mobile market is exploited to its maximum!