Why Marketing Companies Should Extend Their Services to Mobile Platform

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One word that can describe every person at present time is “Speed.” Be it a multi-million dollar business or a small-scale provision store, every businessperson is in a hurry to make his mark by beating the competition. With me-too products/services on the rise, it is only a smart idea that can break the clutter. Technology has been playing a major role to enhance and improve the working methods. Businesspersons have joined the recent upheaval of tech-knowledge by keeping themselves updated with the new introductions and improvements. While retailers have the latest Customer Relationship Management software in the office notebooks, the video game developers continually update theirs.

However, it becomes difficult to excel when every second person is using the same strategy, there is where businesses needs a marketing company who understand that today any business be it small or large must utilize a multitude of marketing mediums in order to be successful. Companies must reach beyond the traditional mediums, like television, newspaper, radio or, even online marketing and implement some of the newer mediums, like Mobile marketing.

• By now we have more than 50 million mobile users with internet-capable “smart phones” – like iPhone’s, androids or blackberry’s.
• More than half of devices connected to corporate networks will be mobile by 2015
• Mobile is already the preferred method to accomplish many tasks, especially social media engagement
• Mobile search is now an $8 billion industry, accounting for 11 percent of total search

The question that matters is how to beat the present competition? Yes, by thinking out of the box. When everyone is updating their desktops and laptops, and are not able to generate inquiries, a good marketing company should suggest a smart iPhone application for the client to ensure garneted result. It is evident that most of the time; it becomes difficult to operate a laptop while travelling due to inconvenience. Moreover, the most preferred gadget during this time is none other than a phone. If a businessperson utilises this medium to his advantage, he can certainly grab the eyeballs anytime and anywhere, literally. The recent upsurge of using social networking sites on mobile handsets, have proved that mobile internet will have the largest share of the pie in near future.

There is so much to explore on the net, which is a unanimously accepted fact. And internet on mobile is obviously, a cherry on the cake. Wireless technologies are always a better option. Mobile offers greater reach as compared to desktops and ultimately boosts the business growth. Increasingly, businesses are customising the mobile applications based on their requirements; and soon this would replace the tedious desktop ones. The reason being that the former ones are always easy to use and turns out to be inexpensive in the long run. Businesspersons can certainly garner higher ROI and can easily customise them with the changing needs. It certainly is an opportunity in disguise. With a good mobile website and promotion strategy you know, that you have actually reached to your customer’s personal communication device and they are using your products and services, then your popularity is on the rise, without any doubt.

Customers should be able to access your brand on their fingertips. Businesses can easily plan, promote, manage and deliver their product and services through mobile applications. For instance, practically all businesses with a geographic location need a store locator and hours of business that are accessible from mobile devices. The key benefit of migrating to mobile are increased productivity, minimised loopholes, improved ROI and most important one – Increase brand and product awareness. A brand can garner higher eyeballs on mobile internet rather than desktop version, because a person uses a mobile even while travelling. For instance, you own a food chain. You have advertised on a social networking site. People surfing internet on the go, can easily land on your outlet the moment they find that it is in proximity. Ultimately, you are attracting new customers by making the most of mobile applications.

In present market scenario when everything depends on maximising the opportunity. The early-adopters who climb the bandwagon, are on the winning side, while those who do not think out of the box, ultimately lose the race. Companies like LTS have made business-growth easier with customised mobile application development solutions. LTS is working with quite a few worlds’ largest Design and Marketing companies, as an extended arm to add value to their existing services. The company builds distinctive iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, Android or mobile application. Such applications result in market penetration, higher productivity and helps significantly in the full process of Brand Funnelling i.e. Generating Awareness, Shaping user’s Attitude towards the brand, Increase Favourability, boost Intent to buy or avail the product/service offered and finally enforce brand Loyalty.