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Introduction :

The main concern of the courier agency is to deliver the right parcel to its owner. To accomplish it the agency has to maintain the record of the customer details like personal, courier, bill, payment, courier tracking ID.

If you have the courier management system, which reduces the human efforts and errors caused by the traditional system.  It will track all the information as well as show the description of the courier and customers.  Hence, speed up the delivery process and increases the customer satisfaction, and where it has ability for receiver to Accept and reject the courier.

Notable Features

1) Centralized location for sending courier notification to concerned Department /Employee.

2) System where Courier  will be sorted by Department , User, Courier Company.

3) Employee has a separate view where they can view there received Courier.

4) Department /Employee has an Functionality to reject Courier if its not concerned with him.

5) Once Department/Employee Rejects courier then Receptionist has an ability to reassign courier to any other Concern Employee.

6) Supported on All browsers