How Cloud Computing Helps Business Process Automation

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There has been a radical shift in the way companies perceive software applications. Companies are increasingly using cloud-based integration to achieve business process automation (BPA) by leveraging software, hardware, storage, and networking all in one package. There has been an ever-increasing number of companies buying computing, storage, and networking power as they need it from the cloud.

Most companies are still saddled with archaic systems and applications that lead to frequent errors, delays and inefficient business practices due in a large part to repetitive human interaction. BPA is the only solution to these issues in order to improve customer service and reduce costs.

Software vendors, both large and small, are considering how best to adapt to the new paradigms of the RIA and SaaS markets, where a large number of developers are moving to RIA and SaaS application development. This has driven up demand for RIAs and technologies built specifically to develop and deliver them. When working on SaaS applications the expense involved with cloud computing is a fraction of what it would cost a company to buy and operate a similar system on their own.

The Trend of the Future

Cloud computing is the future of enterprise computing, providing an environment for efficiently running applications without buying costly, cumbersome servers and relying on tedious and error-prone processes. Cloud computing eliminates the need for capital expenditure on hardware, software and services, and works on the pay as you go utility pricing with no lock-in.

In today’s economy, companies are focused on optimizing processes throughout the organization. Business Process Automation is the viable tool to automate activities and enhance productivity. It gives scale on demand and provides immediate access to a broad range of applications. Business Process Automation seamlessly integrates multiple web services, applications and human work groups into a single business process. In an increasingly competitive environment, BPA is the only solution to improve services while at the same time slashing costs.

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