Hybrid Delivery Solution for Economical and Hassle-Free Management

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Imagine a scenario where there’s no clash of expectations and delivery, where critical or time-sensitive goals no longer ring the alarm bells, where maximum productivity gels along with round-the-clock delivery schedule, where different geographical regions, time-zones, languages don’t construct communication gap and where you directly get to supervise skilled consultants, maintain full control over project development and eventually acquire the best combination of cost optimization and a quick turnaround. Doesn’t it sound great and a huge liberation from all your qualms? Well, as effortless as it may seem but outsourcing can be a massive headache if your business is not placed in the right hands.

We at LTS, understanding our client’s concerns, time pressures & cost constraints have always strived to provide a wide range of flexible business models that perfectly meet every client’s unique needs, leading to an establishment of a mutually beneficial association. Our extensive project experience and expertise with the hybrid model offers true customer flexibility resulting in engagements that are trusted, transparent and effective.

Amalgamating the best of onsite and offshore software development models, LTS’s Hybrid Delivery Model will bring you true leverage of your team’s potential. We incorporate the most successful model of outsourcing where we distribute work between the onsite project team at the client’s premises and the offshore development team working in at the LTS’s offshore development center in India. The onsite team comprising our project coordinator and stake holder function in close collaboration with client’s nominated project manager and coordinates with our offshore team. LTS’s Hybrid Delivery methodology ensures a robust and watertight knowledge transfer between the onsite and offshore teams making this model highly scalable and cost & operationally beneficial.

This highly result oriented model is staffed by team members who are skilled in managing tasks across disparate time zones and in remote collaboration. This eases the client from the burden of managing a large onsite team and at the same time availing all the benefits of offshoring.

Through LTS’s Hybrid Delivery Model, you can be assured of:

Competent Management: LTS strives to be the anchor point for various challenges such as culture, communication, multiple locations, time-zones, visibility and processes, ensuring trouble-free management.

Quick Response: Responsiveness to changes in client’s requirements is faster on account of the offsite center.

Direct Communication: No possibility of communication gap exists as the onsite team is under the client’s supervision and project management.

Access to the Best Resources: Our model provides access to the best technologies and skilled manpower.

No Geographical Disparities: Cultural differences arising from the geographical differences are being fully handled and managed by LTS’s Hybrid Delivery Model.

Great Cost Benefits: Comparatively economical resources available result in significant cost savings.

LTS’s Hybrid Delivery Model ensures that the critical activities take place under the client’s direct supervision & project management and there is no gap between the onsite team’s understanding of the client’s requirements and the client’s expectations. Our international workforce is made up of a team living in the United States, Europe and Singapore to support clients in project coordination.

If our unique service offerings interest you, we encourage you to contact us at +91-20-2689-9853(India)/ 407-965-5509 (USA) or visit http://www.leotechnosoft.net/ . For further enquiries drop in a mail to enquiry@leosys.net