LTS Announces The Launch Of The Advanced Version Of SaaS Tenant 2.0

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San Francisco : LeoTechnosoft, a R&D Center for product development & IT services, today announced the availability of its subsequent version of indigenous SaaS framework “SaaS Tenant 2.1″, which will help ISVs to build SaaS business applications not in years, but in months.

This framework will enable ISVs to get their SaaS offerings to market 40-60% faster, with lower capital requirements, and reduced ongoing maintenance needs, all while staying .NET native and leveraging their existing tools and expertise.

“The framework “SaaS Tenant” is the modern abstraction layer for cloud applications, automating multi-tenancy and other critical SaaS architecture and business functionality, required for ISVs and enterprises to realize the revenue and efficiency gains made possible by the cloud. Utilizing “SaaS Tenant” can help save companies millions in development costs, simplify enterprise IT management of applications and ensure that development teams can focus exclusively on the business’s core software.” Says Mr. Satyen Jain, Director LTS

Deployable on-premises or in the cloud, “SaaS Tenant” stitches together any number of instances into a single, multi-tenant resource pool. Applications live as guests on “SaaS Tenant” and inherit architecture qualities like multi-tenancy, scale-out, and high availability out of the box. Additionally, applications are seamlessly integrated into “SaaS Tenant” services that provide mission critical capabilities like application patching, end user provisioning, identity federation, and usage metering – all manageable through point and click web portals. With “SaaS Tenant”, enterprise IT can extract value through simplicity in development and deployment, automation of workflows, and use of shared architecture services by leveraging existing expertise.

LeoTechnosoft has put years to nail down the challenges of building SaaS frameworks by building scalable & reusable SaaS components. SaaS Tenant 1.0 and 2.0 has been already launched and now it’s the more advanced version that is available for clients.

About LeoTechnosoft

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