LTS Designs FinPay to Manage and Monitor Payments

Home Press Release LTS Designs FinPay to Manage and Monitor Payments

Chicago, USA – December 19, 2014:  LTS has designed an application called FinPay for the client Financial Payment that enables the user to keep a track of various kinds of payments. It also helps the customers of users to make online payments.

FinPay makes it easy see the status of payments as it can present the segregated data of payments that are pending or received. It ensures quick collection of payment. FinPay works on the innovative business model called BOMT that is an innovation of LTS. FinPay builds database of customers and their details, operates the reminders to be sent, markets the services of client by providing custom made solutions and services to them that are good for their business and lastly transforms the functioning of client businesses by smoothening the payment system.

Keeping the record of various customers and payments pending from them was tedious and time-consuming task for the busy schedule of Financial Payment. Customers are also often too busy to go to payment centre and make payments. FinPay application not only facilitates customers to make payments easily but also helps the service providers (those using FinPin) to compile the list of payments, segregate them on the basis of “pending”, “received” etc.

FinPay also makes it easy for the user to customize reminder mails regarding payments. The frequency of these mails can be decided and set on the basis of days, weeks, months or year. Mail has button for payment, clicking on which customers can sign up (or sign in) and make payment via credit card or e-cheques.

With FinPay, businesses can receive access to services which provide them with the reports and information helpful to them regarding better financial decisions while providing them with services to help them jump start new ventures.

About Financial Payment:

FinPay provides Software as a Service (SaaS) online payment platform that allows small businesses to help them get paid faster, as well as manage their customers and receivables more efficiently.

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