LTS enables IoT to build I-Key

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Chicago/Midwest, USA – Oct 24, 2016: Internet of Things (IoT) is a phenomenon which is synonymous with a new age remote identification as well as security system featuring access via internet.

Today, security systems enhance their abilities with IoT of mobility. Hence, LTS is all set to develop functionalities for I-Key that turns your phone into your key. Using this technology, you can access or extend access the electronic locks without any physical key. This technology turns your own phone into your “I key” in order to lock or unlock the door using internet.

The IoT technology connects the electronic locks to the modem via internet. App being owned by the operators of lock grants access to the phone to lock via internet and the lock itself communicates the phone and authorizes access to valid user.

The key features of this security combo include instant notifications of check-in or check-out, smart lock and automated Key Exchange with cleaners and guests. The biggest benefit of this security system is that now there is no need for any physical key or code that one can misplace. Other benefits include more property management with concise and less resources.

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LTS introduced Mobile Lab for the development and testing of applications running on Android, iOS, Windows and Blackberry, along with infrastructure and scalability for start-ups and ISV.

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LTS is a Technology Business accelerator for IT start-ups/Entrepreneurs to help cultivate their ideas into successful innovations using its trademarked model BOMT and various IT solutions.

One of the main areas of expertise of LTS lies in efficient product development and services in a cloud computing environment. Along with these services, LTS offers consultancy services to companies that want to build cloud computing facilities within their organizations.

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