LTS enters agreement with a leading ISV company to make the transition of their existing ERP into SaaS Environment

Home Press Release LTS enters agreement with a leading ISV company to make the transition of their existing ERP into SaaS Environment

LeoTechnosoft one of the fastest growing product engineering companies, is going to develop a workflow management system in automated SAAS solution for systematic processing of workflow for a leading ISV company providing services to shipping engineering companies.
LeoTechnosoft has been working in SAAS (software as a service) and enterprise environment for quite some time now and has carved a niche for itself by bringing about immense cost savings, higher rate of efficiency and performance to its clients by means of ‘SaaS-Tenant‘ a SaaS Reusable Framework to build SAAS product, using SQL and .net technology.

Workflow management can be defined as a system of overseeing the entire process of disseminating information, documents, and other information from one employee or machine to another in a business. With rapid technological advancement, much of workflow management has more or less become automated and smoother by the usage of advanced SAAS solutions.

“Gone are the days when you could manage the entire workflow of your organization on a sheet of paper. If you want to sustain in this ever-growing competitive world, then you must adhere to a proper digital workflow management system, which will enable you to attain greater efficiency in your business. Many companies simply cannot broaden their customer base because they use a faulty and outdated system of workflow management. It not only leads to loss of data, but also reduced quality and efficiency, warns Satyen Jain, CEO of LeoTechnosoft.

The workflow managements system that LeoTechnosoft is developing would ensure that unnecessary steps are wiped out of business process, and that employees are fully aware of their responsibilities. It will also ensure higher flexibility and a better customer service by easy access and track of data.

“Our workflow management system will actually help the shipping company to keep a complete track of their business processes and development. Right from performance of employees, status of assignments and pending works, to storage, sharing and preserving of valuable company information, one can keep a tag of everything. At LeoTechnosoft, we work round the clock to provide services that will enable our clients to run their businesses more efficiently, productively and help them to generate more revenues in return, says Satyen Jain.