LTS to Develop an Innovative and Effective Business Intelligence Product

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LTS, one of the leading outsource IT Product Development provider in Pune, is to develop a BI (business intelligent)-product for a leading ISV (independent software vendor) company to automate marketing campaign management system using its innovative SaaS (software as a service) Tenant framework. The product will help companies to come up with better and effective marketing campaigns.

“The company with which we have joined hands basically provides business intelligence systems to healthcare companies. The product that we are developing for them by using our indigenous and innovative SaaS Tenant framework, will certainly help our ISV partner to get a SaaS Product fast in the market and will give more than 40% benefit over development cost” said Satyen Jain, CEO of LTS.

SaaS Tenant is an application developed by LTS. It comes with features like instant scalability, security, reliability, pay per use and APIs. It provides multi-web tenant with multiple database that enables to serve thousand of vendors.

SaaS Tenant will basically provide healthcare companies with effective easy-to-use solution to plan marketing campaigns of any size or level of complexity. Varied proven capabilities for campaign management, data integration & analysis coupled with business intelligence and flexible deployment options, will arm companies to invent and deliver the right campaign at the right time. Furthermore, the application will enable to easily create innovative marketing campaigns and coordinate them across the enterprise. This in turn will improve marketing performance and bring down the total cost of ownership by maintaining necessary compatibility between existing systems,” explains Satyen.

About LTS

LTS is Outsourced Software Product Development Company with innovation centers in LA, Chicago and India. The Company expertise covers BI, SaaS based applications, Cloud Computing, Migration, Integration, Cross Platform, Testing, Mobility, Big Data, Product Development, SharePoint, SaaS Tenant and IoT Integrations.

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