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Pune, India – April 26, 2016: When it comes to publicity (positive or negative), nothing is better or worse than “word of mouth”. In digital age, an online review (good or bad) is as strong as a word of mouth.

Therefore, WikiReviews has opened their website for Closed Beta testing where users can use the application and test its functionality. Be ready to be a part of a revolution in the world of reviews. LTS is proud to be the development partner of WikiReviews website.

WikiReviews works on wiki concept. On one side, users can write reviews on businesses, movies, products and professionals (like doctors, dentists, accountants and lawyers). On the other side, businesses also have the right to dispute the reviews that they disagree with. Courtesy of LTS development team, the architecture of WikiReviews is also more secure.

Over the past two years, a big team of LTS developers has been working with WikiReviews on a large scale to make its website user friendly, safe and secure. The team has used Python technology platform to ensure a robust architecture for WikiReviews. During this period, LTS team also helped WikiReviews to overcome various issues.

With so many categories and so many reviews, the database kept on increasing. Hence, the search functionality of WikiReviews became slower during development. This issue was overcome by LTS team using Elasticsearch. Elasticsearch was integrated with the search system of WikiReviews to make it faster.

Another challenge during the development of WikiReviews was manual maintenance of backup and security. Installing data in the In-House Database servers was a tough task. LTS Python development team helped WikiReviews to overcome this issue by switching to Amazon Cloud service.

Although anybody can register with WikiReviews website to be a beta reviewer, the privilege to use and review this application will be subject to approval by site admin.

Currently the service of WikiReviews is available only for businesses in USA and Canada only. But WikiReviews will be global soon.

Click here to use WikiReviews and be a beta tester. For more details, watch the video of WikiReviews here.

About WikiReviews

WikiReviews is a community review cooperative site that gives the users an open, free and honest platform for reviewing local businesses, brands, products, artists, bands, public figures, entertainment, films, causes/communities, organizations and more.

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