LTS offers Cyber Security Services to Aviation Firm

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Pune, India – May 09, 2017: The cyber security services of LTS are set to fly and counter the penetration of cyber crimes in the aviation industry.

A commercial airline service has signed a deal with LTS for Cyber Security services in order to protect its data in cyber space.

The key highlights of the cyber security services from LTS include establishing a SOC and offer visibility through Security Monitoring Dashboard to identify Risks and Threats, along with Security Policies Enhancement with RISK Adaption. They also include Privileged Identity Management (PIM) addition in the Activity Monitoring. Support for Amazon ADMIN Logs, along with Risk notifications is also available with SOC.

Access Security Broker has enhanced security monitoring dashboard. This dashboard has been designed to enable both security and fraud detection teams to visualize and analyze millions of user web sessions.

Data Leakage Detection offered by LTS detects and prevents the leakage of data comprising of company information or customer information.

This security also includes Adaptive risk module can analyze multiple risk indicators and identify suspicious user activity if any. Lastly, Identity Management is an administrative area. It deals with the identification of individuals in a system (an enterprise) and controls their access to resources within that system by associating user rights and restrictions with the established identity.

About LTS:

LTS is an incubator for IT start-ups/Entrepreneurs to help cultivate their ideas into successful innovations using its trademarked model BOMT and various IT solutions.

One of the main areas of expertise of LTS lies in efficient product development and services in a cloud computing environment. Along with these services, LTS offers consultancy services to companies that want to build cloud computing facilities within their organizations.

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