Mobile SaaS – All set to rule the roost in 2013!

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Mobile SaaS has today reached an inflection point and is poised to grow by heaps and bounds in the years to come. When dwelling deep into the topic, I came across findings that further supplemented in this direction. A latest research predicts that vendors’ total SaaS revenues will reach $92.8 billion by 2016. This is more than 25% of the entire packaged software market. The major reason for this huge turnaround and powerful take off is none other than Mobile SaaS. That’s not all an IT research firm predicts that by 2014, 90% of organizations will support corporate applications on consumer mobile devices. Undoubtedly, SaaS has come a long way and is now a staple of the technology landscape at most organizations.

Mobility has become a top priority for IT and business leaders among organizations of all sizes to improve productivity across a broadening mobile workforce. This growing trend in mobile SaaS is taking off among small and medium businesses as companies are demanding improved ways to use their iPads, iPhones & Android devices to increase their businesses competence and efficiency. SaaS is a natural fit for mobility since it enables IT to keep up with the rapid pace of change, and evolve at the speed business is conducted today. The increased use of SaaS for mobile devices is transforming the meaning of SaaS from ‘do it using internet’ to ‘do it using an app’ while it needs to ensure file compatibility to traditional office-based SaaS solutions that integrate with the web-based SaaS solution.

Web-based SaaS has gained significant traction during the past few years. When Software as a Service (SaaS) applications were first developed, they were accessed via desktop browsers and application data was stored in databases in the provider’s cloud. SaaS providers had to support as many browsers as possible to remain in the forefront in this environment. The budding popularity of Smartphone and other mobile devices pushed vendors to eventually expand beyond desktop-only access and provide mobile SaaS apps that could be accessed from Smartphones, tablets or any other device with a browse.

At present, Mobile SaaS enables the mobile middleware and adapter components to quickly test the strength of a mobile application without needing to acquire a complicated infrastructure in a multi-tenant, hosted environment. Additionally, mobile SaaS allows SMBs to more easily integrate complex systems that were formerly the province of larger enterprises, such as CRM, into their IT and business environment.

Mobile SaaS undoubtedly remains the ideal approach for SMBs to extend their enterprise with minimal investment in technology infrastructure and for businesses running on handheld devices, the value proposition of SaaS is a natural.

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