run2geo app plans your running schedule to aid your fitness

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Pune, India – April 25, 2016: run2geo have released an app that encourages you to train with your friends and runners around the world. The app has been designed to measure the distance you run or walk. It has been developed successfully in LTS‘s Mobile Lab platform.

With run2geo, you can create running events to train for your next run and motivate your friends to participate. You can also join public events and find new running partners.

One of the biggest challenges was to develop GPS functionality of run2geo and sync it with the GPS of the mobile device. Sometimes, the location of users or running partners of users did not appear accurately on map. The team achieved the objective with extensive research and development and tested all scenarios via Real Time Testing methods. This ensured the precise location of the user appearing on the map during Navigation functionality in use, as Data Plotting via Apple Map Kit was used in the Mobile Lab.

Many a time user requires location tracking to be active in the background, especially when the device is in-use for some other purpose. The feature of background tracking was developed in the Mobile Lab of LTS on the lines of the latest iOS background mode features.

For the accurate tracking of pace, distance and time, functionalities enabling calculation with real time data and background mode were made functional in the Mobile Lab.

Backend data of user‘s running performance and duration helps users to track their progress. The progress report can be displayed on chart.

The more you run and the more distance you cover as measured by this app, the more points you score. You can redeem these points in the form of making discount purchases with retail stores that have a tie-up with run2geo.

Now run2geo is evolving into the next level via BOMT model (Technology Business Accelerator), courtesy LTS to connect with right target users. Click here to know more about BOMT.

LTS hopes that this app will make running fun more than ever.

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