SaaS Tenant application helps ISVs to develop effective marketing campaigns to maximize profits

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Cloud computing has opened up a new world of opportunities for the Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) to develop and deliver their solutions via the Internet. However, there are still many ISVs who face a stiff challenge in the process of preparing their development teams for the transition to SaaS application development. Many a times although an organization is aware that SaaS application development requires building necessary architecture ground and continuous maintenance and up gradation of the technology, still, sales, marketing and support processes may not be well equipped to a web offering.

While it always seems to be a promising solution to leverage an easy to use multi-tenant platform, however, ISVs would certainly not want to get restricted to a basic user interface, and understand the need of flexibility to white label their applications. As more users are added to the application, vendors would like to host the applications in their own infrastructure in order to control delivery and SLAs.

LTS’s Saas Tenant application will provide your organization with end-to-end, cost effective solutions that guarantees maximum return on investments.

SaaS Tenant will basically provide marketers with an effective easy-to-use solution to plan marketing campaigns of any size or level of complexity. Varied proven capabilities for campaign evaluation, data integration & analysis coupled with business intelligence and flexible deployment options, will arm marketers to invent and deliver the right campaign at the right time. SaaS Tenant will enable to easily create innovative marketing campaigns and coordinate them across the enterprise. This in turn will improve marketing performance and bring down the total cost of ownership by maintaining necessary compatibility between existing systems.

Now, let’s zero-in on some of the key features of SaaS Tenant Application:
1. Multiple web-tenants enable a multiple instances of your application to serve thousands of your vendors
2. Single web tenant to serve thousands of your customers
3. Multiple-tenant data model designs added which become smart configurations with SaaS Tenant
4. Provide option form a single coupled database, specific database schema per web-tenant or an isolated database per web-tenant
5. Provide multi-tenant modules for customer on demand

LeoTechnosoft’s innovative and effective SaaS Tenant application will certainly simplify and erase unnecessary complexities when it comes to creating effective marketing campaigns. Furthermore, it will also help ISVs to assess their needs and make detailed decisions on what is core to their business and what they should retain in-house, and from where they can draw advantage from outside services that are still closely integrated with your team.