The Powerful Combination Of ELearning And Digital Marketing

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The peak in technologies and virtually enhanced education models has called for some more transformation in the field of education. Initially a small and skeptical concept of e Learning would have such tremendous potential, no one expected. It has not only changed the way students learn, but also the way teachers teach eventually changing audiences’ preference. Providing both education and skill training opportunities enhancing employment potential, e learning platforms provide a wide array of academic learning options.

In any company, big or small, digital marketing is practiced extensively and is an important aspect of marketing, driving business growth using channels and methods with proper understanding of real time scenarios. A comprehensive strategy with short term and long term goals, explained by none other than our client, who herself has mastered the art, Digital marketing has numerous benefits like expanding to a global audience at a relatively lower cost and less efforts, ensuring measurable results through personalized and targeted methods.

The idea was to merge these two concepts – digital marketing and e learning. Our client wanted to build a platform through which she could impart her digital marketing knowledge to increase employment opportunities through well-defined certification courses.

Focusing on building a self-sufficient e learning platform that specializes in digital marketing content through certifications; our UI/UX and product development team collaborated efficiently with the client and strategized the structure and content of the web portal. All the features were checked thoroughly in real time through multiple testing sessions involving combinations of different technologies and approaches. Subject matter experts, Quality Control Managers, designers and developers worked together to fine tune the web and mobile applications that today are carving the careers of many digital marketing experts across the globe through quality certifications.