User Activity Visibility: The Weak Link for Enterprise Compliance and Security

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Today’s compliance places strict limitations on the types of people who can access sensitive financial and corporate data. Unfortunately, many compliant organizations have little or no insight into who these users are and what they are doing, putting themselves at risk for data breaches, fines and, in some cases, imprisonment. These companies realize the need to monitor users involved with accessing, storing and auditing sensitive corporate information, yet their current data security systems often lack this functionality.

With detailed logs and user activities recordings of all users – on any server, workstation or application – you can exceed the strictest interpretation of compliance requirements with conclusive evidence for compliance auditors. These audit reports can be completed in a fraction of the time, with the ability to instantly – search, analyze and view the drilled down reports for any evidence. Here’s how ProActeye user activity monitoring addresses specific compliance section requirements.


  • Every user action and activities onto an application is tracked and stored, All textual metadata logs are tied to the specific user, providing visibility into who is doing what and when.
  • With ProActeye, every application has a compliance audit log component, regardless of that application’s origin. It also offers the flexibility to grow and deploy new applications at any given time, without needing to deploy new audit protocols.


ProActEye monitors all user activity. This provides an unequivocal audit trail of user activity and bulletproof evidence as to, who worked on what servers or Applications. Because of this, you can easily conduct root cause analysis to find changes or use the advanced keyword search, which allows you to search by applications, user names, windows, text typed and more.


ProActEye offers a ‘just-in-time policy messaging’ feature that delivers important messages and updates about general corporate policies, or for specific applications and servers. This ensures that all users have read and agreed to the security policies and procedures before logging on, and are aware of either general or specific policies.


  • ProActEye provides flexible alert generation based on robust combinations of user profiles, key actions and client locations.
  • ProActeye captures a detailed textual log plus visual recordings of every user action, with logs generated for every application, including those without their own internal logs. Showing exactly what the user did – not just the underlying results – IT auditors can track files opened, windows viewed and other specific UI activity.



Compliance Demands:

  • Capture and search historical user activity so that suspicious actions can be examined to determine if an attack is occurring — before the damage is done.
  • Change user behavior through deterrents ensuring that trustworthy employees are not taking shortcuts and disgruntled employees know any malicious actions will be recorded.
  • Establish a clear, unambiguous record for evidence in legal proceedings and dispute resolution.

Mitigating Insider Attacks

  • Alert when outliers are seen off of a baseline of what is normal behavior for a peer group, as these outliers may be insider threats
  • Alert when user actions or patterns are seen those are indicative of insiders inappropriately obtaining sensitive data or exfiltrating.
  • Complement other security technologies which may not be able to provide full visibility into a user’s internal actions, or may be circumvented by the insider

Third-Party Access, Troubleshooting and Training

  • Automated discovery and (re)configuration of audit system components for reliability and fault tolerance with minimal administrative personnel involvement.
  • Ensure only trusted components can participate in the auditing system.
  • Built-in integration support for existing SIEM, event and monitoring tools.

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