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Offshore Development Centre, known as ODC, refers to a dedicated and exclusive development centre located in offshore countries. The purpose of establishing an offshore development centre is to make things easy as the centre takes care of software development, testing, maintenance as well as support. Companies establish offshore centres to benefit from technological expertise of the country at reduced costs. Besides, there are several other benefits that accrue to the IT Companies around the world through an ODC. LTS recently introduced the BOMT Model, especially for helping companies to establish their offshore development centres. With a highly professional team on board, LTS assists clients in setting up the centre that is operated and even marketed by them. It’s later transferred to the parent company when they are prepared for the same.

BOMT Model stands for Build-Operate-Market-Transfer. The innovative model by LTS is one of the first in the industry that takes care of marketing along with building and operations. Through the model, LTS offers comprehensive resources for entire development activities while managing the ODC. The talented team takes care of complete lifecycle involved in Software Development. With the model in action, clients need not worry about the routine technical as well as marketing operations of their ODC. The ODC developed by LTS offers well managed and low risk option that does not involve high capital investment. Our distinguishing feature remains the ease with which we understand the needs and objectives of our clients in reference to ODC. The years of experience of our team enables it to offer new, innovative and apt business strategies that help the clients to stay ahead in the competition.

LTS not only establishes the offshore development center complete with latest technology, staffing solutions, architects with enormous experience in SaaS and Mobile App development, etc. but also operates the center taking care of marketing and promotional activities. The traditional BOT Model did not take care of marketing aspect of the ODC, which remained a lacking. However, with the BOMT Model, clients do not even have to worry about marketing of the products. LTS expands the reach of the client by becoming the trusted partner. The client can be assured of making its presence felt in the industry through advanced promotional activities. With the model, IT companies around the world will be able to reduce the cost of running the ODC at offshore location. ODC is well within the budget of clients, making it the most preferred option.

LTS professionals offer high quality services with tried and tested methodologies. Offshore Development Centres developed by LTS are flexible models that can be utilized for research and development, localizing the software products, value added application, etc. With the BOMT Model in action, clients will be able to reduce the time to market, which is quite high in other models. IT companies are going global with such models to back their demands in locations of their choice. With LTS, they can focus on the core business, leaving the responsibility of developing a product to the product development professionals.

About BOMT

BOMT(Build, Operate, Market, and Transform) model, It is an innovative hybrid partner product development that offers a low-risk, hassle-free, cost-effective global sourcing strategy. BOMT works exceptionally well with StartUps, Entrepreneurs and ISVs. It ensures incubation, development, Gestation and transformation support to increase revenue and maximize ROI in short span of time.

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About LTS

LTS is Outsourced Software Product Development Company with innovation centers in LA, Chicago and India. The Company expertise covers BI, SaaS based applications, Cloud Computing, Migration, Integration, Cross Platform, Testing, Mobility, Big Data, Product Development, SharePoint, SaaS Tenant and IoT Integrations.

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