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Pune, India – June 28, 2016: Everybody likes to work in an office where the atmosphere is friendly. It is great to work with a positive frame of mind in a light atmosphere where colleagues can bond as friends, creating their own Hobnob.

Hence, offshore iOS, Android app development company LTS has developed Hobnobpal, a social networking platform that works within the organizational framework.

Hobnobpal is a mobile application that provides a social networking environment for corporate employees to connect with each other. Knowing colleagues in a corporate organization strengthens team spirit.

Available for iOS and Android, Hobnobpal encourages camaraderie among the employees in a corporate atmosphere via bonding and networking for recreation. This rejuvenates employees’ motivation resulting in enhanced performance and infuses positive culture.

Recreation adds entertainment element to the work environment and ensures smooth communication between employees connecting with each other via Hobnobpal.

With Hobnobpal, employees can connect with colleagues on the basis of their shared interests and hobbies. With the bar of formalities gone, they can be real and take a break from formal behaviour while interacting with colleagues and bonding with them as peers. Like a chatting app, Hobnobpal enables employees to stay connected with colleagues even outside office. This is also helpful for contacting a colleague during emergency, seeking help.

The key features of Hobnobpal include event creation (and invitation), sharing of status updates and checking updates of people connected to user, finding and adding colleagues to network, chat, notifications of new employees joining the organization and last but not least (and more), the celebration of birthdays and anniversaries. Hobnobpal also allows the admin to check grapevine communication among employees.

Click here to know more about Hobnobpal and find out how you can use it. To know more about our offshore iOS development services and Android development services, click here.

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