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The competition between small businesses and big businesses is inevitable. With customers using mobile devices to purchase products, small business can increase their visibility in market by making themselves visible in cyber space via their apps and mobile version of the website.

Mobility reduces the advertising cost of businesses, makes their product available to customers 24/7 and connects all stakeholders with ease. Via app that customers use to buy the product or service of business, instant customer feedback is possible. This helps business to understand the pulse of customers.

With mobility playing a key role in the functioning of small firms, these firms deploy technology to keep up with the latest trends and subsequent advances. By not offering a mobile friendly service; a business is bound to lose more than fifty percent of its potential customers.

Strengths of mobility that offer solutions for countering the challenges of small businesses

Better visibility: As responsive design website and mobile app increase the visibility of business, the business can make good use of its limited advertising budget in order to get noticed by potential customers.

Responsive web design: With the website promoting a business being mobile friendly, good rank from Google popularizes it on internet and makes it searchable. This increases the visibility of business into cyber space.

24/7 Accessibility: A mobile app is accessible 24/7. It can be accessed or used any time. With more people using mobile devices for shopping and web browsing, a mobile app promoting the business not only familiarizes potential customers with the business, it also enables them to purchase the goods or services from that business.

Customization services: When a business needs a unique feature on its app that can cater to its users and make their experience of using its app user-friendly, mobility offers tailor made solutions to add the required features to the app.

Easy access: With apps, users can access the service or website (if app offers the mobile-version of a website) from any device at any location. Everybody has a mobile device in hand.

Interactivity: The app is more interactive than the static version of website. It makes browsing fun.

Weaknesses of small businesses that reasons that make it necessary for them to embrace Mobility

Challenge regarding responsive design: Due to new rules, now Google gives good ranks to those websites which have a mobile version. Hence, businesses need to have responsive websites that are mobile friendly.

Limited usage of desktop computers: Today more people use mobile devices to browse internet. Hence, apart from responsive websites, businesses need to have their apps available in app stores. A smart-phone app will not only familiarize users with the small business but will also enable them to buy products they need from these businesses, using their mobile devices.

Advertising cost: Small businesses have limited money to advertise their products or services. Presence in the form of mobile apps and mobile responsive websites increases the reach of business into cyber space.

Unique requirements: When a business launches an app to promote itself or service, the requirements from app can be different for business or the potential customers of business. In such situation, tailor made solutions are needed.

Opportunities rising in the world of mobility

Following opportunities are rising in the world of mobility that can spell keys to success for small businesses:
Almost 3 billion mobile devices will be sold around the world in 2017. Developing more apps would ensure more visibility and more profits for businesses.

Tablet shipments worldwide are growing by 70% every year. It shows how much craze there is among consumers to use mobile devices. More devices mean more necessity for mobile apps.

By 2017, 100% customer-facing apps and 75% of employees will be built mobile-first.

Enterprises will invest $ 61 billion in mobile apps by 2018.

Top 5 mobile development platforms of 2016 are SAP, PhoneGap, Sencha, Xamarin and Appcelerator. With development platforms gaining popularity and importance, one does not need to be an Einstein in order to understand the value and importance of Mobile apps.

Threats regarding mobility faced by small businesses

Security: Users using the app are concerned about their privacy. They want their data and personal information being stored in the app servers to be secure. If they are not convinced about the security standards of the app, they would not use it.

Mobile malware: Smartphones and tablets are prone to worms, viruses, Trojans and spyware similarly to desktops. Mobile malware can steal sensitive data, rack up long distance phone charges and collect user data. Also, attackers can use mobile malware to carry out targeted attacks against mobile device users.

Network exploits: Network exploits take advantage of flaws in the mobile operating system or software operating on local or cellular networks. Once connected, they can install malware on phone without the knowledge of user.

Mobile Lab eases access to all mobile solutions

Offshore iOS and Android App Development Company LTS offers Mobile Lab where mobile apps for iOS as well as Android can be developed and tested as per requirement.

Mobile Lab offers rapid app development approach where basic preparations required for the development of any app are always kept available in advance.

Not only mobile lab offers outsourced software development service, it also offers a simple method to calculate the budget for app development that would help businesses to plan their expenses and get the app developed at a nominal price.
Mobile Lab also offers provisions facilitating advance security measures to the apps.

Benefits of Mobile Lab

Mobile Lab saves your time as well as money. With budget focussing on app development and testing for Android or iOS, the cost for buying relevant devices for testing gets eliminated as all devices are available here. Mobile Lab is a fully synchronized lab with all required entities like bypassing networks, cloud device and network via modems.

About Mobile Lab

LTS introduced Mobile Lab for the development and testing of applications running on Android, iOS, Windows and Blackberry, along with infrastructure and scalability

for start-ups and ISV.

About LTS

LTS is Outsourced Software Product Development Company with innovation centers in LA, Chicago and India. The Company expertise covers BI, SaaS based applications,

Cloud Computing, Migration, Integration, Cross Platform, Testing, Mobility, Big Data, Product Development, SharePoint, SaaS Tenant and IoT Integrations.

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