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The recent case where cybercriminals hacked into the Mumbai-based current account of a pharmaceutical company and siphoned off Rs 2.4 crore through 13 transactions within 3 hours on May 11 has raised the alarm bells on security issues. Keeping in mind the several cases of fraud that have allegedly occurred in the past 4-5yrs (some of which lie unreported), has led RBI to advise banks to move towards real-time fraud monitoring system at the earliest. Reportedly the incident occurred due to lack of a unified security initiative and an advanced intelligence system. In a scenario where it’s tough to define misdemeanors as diverse as hacking, Leo TechnoSoft’s Cloud Security solution targeted for the pharmaceutical industry aims to safeguard the cyber space.


Leo TechnoSoft’s SIEM technology catering the pharmaceutical industry offers advanced intelligence capable of synthesizing the underlying risks associated with complex distributed attacks on large networks. The system considers the context of each threat and the importance of the assets involved, evaluates situational risk, discovers network inventory and distinguishes actual threats from the thousands of false positives that are produced each day in every network. Our flexible and scalable solution works on public, private or hybrid clouds.

Enterprise Access Control

Leo TechnoSoft’s Enterprise Access Control unifies the convenience and security of single sign on (access management) with the controls of identity management. It enables the secure delivery of essential information and applications to your employees, partners, suppliers, and customers via secure SSO. It also scales to meet your growing business needs with flexible administration tools that can support either centralized or distributed administration.


Identity Management

Identity Management is the leading identity Security-as-a-Service solution with centralized administration for the pharmaceutical industry. It manages user accounts, enforces user provisioning, monitors password policies and provides necessary auditing and reporting. In addition, it automates the process of adding, updating, and removing user accounts and entitlements across applications in private or public clouds. Bottom line, we’ve made it easier and more cost effective to achieve your enterprise identity management goals.


SaaS SSO, powered by Leo TechnoSoft simplifies the tangle of credentials arising from the continued migration to cloud-based applications. The security, compliance and operations nightmare arising from controlling which employees should and must access which services and content is easily configured, managed and maintained from the cloud. Leo TechnoSoft provides access control and audit for virtually any SaaS application or SaaS platform regardless of the location – public and private clouds. SaaS SSO eliminates redundant administrative work and prevents unauthorized access by automating Internet user account management and it works seamlessly with any Web SSO infrastructure that you may already have in place.

Leo TechnoSoft has over the years worked with a massive client base in the healthcare sector, securing the Cloud and preventing cases of fraud with its agile features like Enterprise Access Control, Identity Management, SaaS SSO and SIEM.

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