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Businesses are getting more competitive with every passing day, especially for technology companies. Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) always look for ways to lower down their costs. In addition, they need to innovate on a continuous basis to beat the competition. Given the changing trends, ISVs are adopting the most common strategy of outsourcing their research and development offshore. However, they are averse to the earlier BOT model that does not offer much needed marketing services. Knowing such troubles faced by IT companies, especially ISVs, LTS introduced the well designed BOMT Model that stands for Build-Operate-Market-Transfer. With the model in action, ISVs, particularly small-sized ones can have a sigh of relief as they do not have to fret over establishing a new brand altogether with LTS as their trusted brand.

Among the various advantages, the BOMT Model offers cost cutting, improved revenues and even shorter time to reach market. The model offers ISVs the independence that they require to concentrate more on core business. Top management can focus on innovative product ideas while everything else like marketing and operation is taken care of by experienced LTS professionals. Many ISVs choose different modes of offshore product development. However, other models have their limitations. The primary problem faced by ISVs is the low quality. This is because offshore vendors deliver just IT services but lack in establishing a new brand, where LTS offers an edge to its clients. LTS offers comprehensive solutions with its BOMT Model.

LTS has years of experience and a talented team on board to take care of everything that the client desires. The professionals at LTS, through the BOMT Model understand the goals set up by the ISVs. Based on the objectives, the team designs a road map that will make execution easy and understanding better. Every ISV has its own set of requirements when it comes to developing a product. With the help of the BOMT Model, they can build their required product from scratch. The BOMT Model by LTS adapts to required experience, domain knowledge and technology needs of the ISVs. LTS executes an excellent operational management facility that makes development easy. With Human Resource solutions including staffing, generating leads, training, etc. provided by LTS, clients need not worry about establishing a product.

The LTS team follows the development processes specially designed for the small ISVs. The team dedicates entire time to the new subsidiary making it grow and prosper. In fact, LTS takes care of entire establishment, building, operating and even taking care of marketing activities. ISVs can maximize their reach to the entire global with the excellent and well designed BOMT Model. LTS’s team comprises of experienced professionals from various fields’ viz. architects, technical writers, database experts and various other specialists, who are available whenever the need arises. The BOMT Model is easy on the pocket and helps ISVs scale their brand to heights they always desired. LTS transfers the ownership when the ISVs are ready for them.

About BOMT

BOMT(Build, Operate, Market, and Transform) model, It is an innovative hybrid partner product development that offers a low-risk, hassle-free, cost-effective global sourcing strategy. BOMT works exceptionally well with StartUps, Entrepreneurs and ISVs. It ensures incubation, development, Gestation and transformation support to increase revenue and maximize ROI in short span of time.

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