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Since the turn of the millennium, cloud computing has revolutionized the landscape of the IT world because it provides enterprise-grade computing resources that are affordable and instantly available. Nearly 100,000+ customers run on a massively shared infrastructure, which creates economies of scale not possible with single-tenant applications, whether they’re hosted on premises or with an ASP. With the current cloud-computing phenomenon IT solutions are applied and composed by organizations, but executed and managed by expert third-party providers.

Multi-tenancy is the fundamental technology that clouds use to share IT resources cost-efficiently and securely. The need to create a platform that supports all employees at thousands of global organizations further complicates the dilemma. Finally, adding the requirements of substantial anticipated peak time usage and hyper growth in additional add-on companies and users makes the situation that much more complex.

After rigorous research by the team of experts at LTS, a primary IT Service provider, we are now for the first time offering a free* SaaS framework – “SaaS Tenant™”. LTS’s brainchild SaaS framework called “SaaS Tenant™” is a Cloud based, SaaS Enabled Multi-tenant Application Platform that can be used by both Enterprises as well as ISVs for building new applications or for migrating existing applications to a unified platform.

“SaaS Tenant™” provides support for multiple accounting systems, real-time business intelligence, independent workflow, data model extensibility and user access control, while at the same time providing the cost savings and administrative economies of scale of a single system. Multi-tenancy, data isolation, data scoping, access control, configurability, ability to customize, performance and scalability are all engineered right in to the product. Further free* “SaaS Tenant™” framework gives you complete freedom and flexibility to design your application the way you want, leaving behind all the engineering and architectural challenges that will be taken care of by our Cloud and SaaS experts.

So what are the added advantages that you can expect from this dynamic platform?
Flexible Deployment Model
Application Portability
Business User Friendly
Ease of Development
High Performance
But the best pro being, it’s offered without making a dent in your pockets! All free* of cost!

About LTS

LTS is Outsourced Software Product Development Company with innovation centers in LA, Chicago and India. The Company expertise covers BI, SaaS based applications, Cloud Computing, Migration, Integration, Cross Platform, Testing, Mobility, Big Data, Product Development, SharePoint, SaaS Tenant and IoT Integrations.

It is a technology partner specializing in building, serving, managing and extending technology on Cloud and SaaS environment having presence in India, US and Singapore. It partners with organizations, empowering them to attain cost effective product development in SaaS environment. With a global presence, LTS is armed to meet client’s needs regardless of their location. This has made the organization a preferred partner-of-choice for small and medium sized companies looking for on-time delivery and high quality product development solutions. Visit or for further enquirers drop in a mail to

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