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Software as a Service (SaaS) represents a novel paradigm and business model expressing the fact that companies do not have to purchase and maintain their own ICT infrastructure, but instead, acquire the services embodied by software from a third party. The service provider offers the software service and maintains the application. In contrast to the multi-user model, multi-tenancy requires customizing the single instance according to the multi-faceted requirements of many tenants. The multi-tenant model also contrasts the multi-instance model, in which each tenant gets his own instance of the application.

The benefits of the multi-tenant model are twofold. On one hand, application deployment becomes easier for the service provider, as only one application instance has to be deployed. On the other hand, the utilization rate of the hardware can be improved. Enterprises find SaaS attractive because of its low cost. SaaS requires sharing of the application servers among multiple tenants for lower operational costs. Besides the sharing of application servers, customizations are needed to meet requirements of each tenant. Supporting various levels of configuration and customization is desirable for SaaS frameworks.
Unfortunately, multi-tenancy also has its challenges and even though some of these challenges exist for single-tenant software as well, they appear in a different form and are more complex to solve for multi-tenant applications. Some of them being:
• Performance
• Scalability
• Security
• Zero-Downtime
• Maintenance

LTS’s SaaS framework called “SaaS Tenant™” not only overcomes these challenges but it serves as a perfect SaaS Multi-Tenant Platform.

“SaaS Tenant™” is a SaaS Framework that comes with features like instant scalability, security, reliability, pay per use and other API’s. It provides Multi Tenant Architecture enabled to serve thousand of vendors. The First and foremost reason that it’s being implemented widely is that it reduces 40- 50 % of your development time and increases time to market; it also gives you the basic functional and non functional logic which are mandatory such as Tenant management system, Data Isolation, Security, Tenant Provisioning, Roles and privilege management, Exception management, Audit Trail and so on. That’s not all what makes LTS’s SaaS framework “SaaS Tenant™” the best in the market are:

o Robust and Standardized Architecture
o Faster time to market
o Lowest Cost of SaaS implementation
o Increase Infrastructure Utilization
o Limitless Scalability
o Low maintenance/Low IT cost
o High Secured Solution

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